Breeders giving us a bad reputation......

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My younger sister lives in Condobolin NSW & mentioned that new ppl
have moved in next door to her sister in law & that they breed
Boxers... Fantastic I said I can check them out when home at
Christmas. Her reply...I dont think so, if I hadnt known your dogs I
would never have liked Boxers after seeing these dogs.. I went
whaaat? These people have 4 dogs in town, they are permanently in the
backyard & are trying to attack the neighbours through/underneath the
fence, they are very aggressive & nothing at all like our breed
temperament, I said are you sure they are boxers? But apparantly they
are so bad in their aggression that 1/2 the town has signed a
petition to try & get them removed. These ppl have apparantly 2
litter/year but they dont sell the puppies onsite they take them
somewhere else to sell (my sister thinks it is to a pet shop) :0((
They were gloating to the previous home owners how they make 2000.00
plus per first thought is OMG BYB's but I am waiting
until I get home to see what I can assess & speak to these ppl. But
apparantly the dogs are that aggressive they dont even get socialized
with others :0((

When the council was handed the petition its reply was that they were
licenced to breed & were able to have 4 dogs. Those poor dogs I
wonder what life they have had to make them so aggressive?


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that's awful! what's wrong with these people? can't people be shut down for this type of breeding?


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That's horrible. They probably leave them out all the time, so they won't miss a heat cycle. Sick! They might have gotten aggressive, because they really have no human contact, and have pack mentality. Just because someone has a license to breed doesn't mean they should. I would call the Humane Society or Animal Control. License or not if their being abused, and not taken care of they will be taken away.

Those poor dogs, there must be something that can be done!

Is it possible that the agression will be passed along to the puppies?

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