Breed All About It - Could have been better?

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Boxer Pal
Saw the show yesterday and loved seeing the beautiful Boxers, but I did not think they did a very good job covering the Boxer. I have seen other shows about other breeds which were much better. I do not think they did justice to the wonderful Boxer! Anybody else?


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I never watch any of the other episodes so I couldn't compare. I thought the boxers were just beautiful and the story about the seeing eye boxer was very sweet..But I do wish they talked more about the boxers and their personalties,etc. Although, I do not want them to become to popular. People become greedy and start over breeding to make a quick buck..I certainly feel so fortunate to have a boxer in my life. There is nothing better...


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I agree. I have seen a lot of the other breed shows and the boxer one was lacking. Too much time was taken up with those "weird" show people. Not that all show people are weird, but these were!


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agreed - i was looking for more about how loyal and loving the breed is, how wonderful they are with all children, how sensitive and emotional they are, their goofy and playful antics, all of the traits that i adore so much......
however, if it were up to me, the show would likely have been a 12 hour documentary about boxers, boring anyone who isn't completely boxer obsessed.


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I was hoping they would have talked more about rescue and what it takes to raise a boxer properly. Granted, our babies are wonderful, but they do take a lot of work and the show didn't seem to show that very well. Plus, with all the boxers in rescue, it would have been nice if they would've shared a story from a rescue or a family that had rescued so people would realize that's an option ... just my two cents.

Loved seeing all the beautiful boxers though!

Boxer Insane
I didn't see the show but I agree this program always talk about loyality to the family and how good a breed is with children. That's too bad they didn't do that with the boxer breed. Boxers have so much to offer. But for all of us who own and love the breed we know what they are capable of ..... and we musn't forget the boxer kisses.


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. Although, I do not want them to become to popular. People become greedy and start over breeding to make a quick buck..

Boxers have been and still are in the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the US. IMO Boxers over the years have been way over bred which has excacerbated there already prominent health problems.

I havent seen the Boxer episode yet but i used to watch the show all the time, Ill have to see if i can find the episdoe to record.
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