Bravo to our Boxers

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I know Dan's story of Maggie and Susie protecting him on his walk is closed so I want to say "BRAVO" to all of our Boxers who love us and stand guard to protect us! I have been a semi invalid for the last year and a half. I felt safe being alone in my house, spending most of my time in the back bedroom because Tyson was with me. Even though he was old, and even when he was diagnosed with cancer, he was still a presence to be reckoned with. I knew if someone came to the door, tried to get in, etc., he would let me know. It is a hard thing to describe if you haven't experienced it; you just know you are safe.

After Tyson's death in November, the silence and aloneness became unbearable for me. All of us had agreed we didn't ever want another dog. NO dog could ever live up to Tyson. But, I couldn't take this house being 'dogless', the silence, no barking when the doorbell rang, no one to greet me when I came in, no one who unreservedly loved me with all his heart, no one that just came and sat with me and looked up at me with those big brown eyes....

After almost two months, I brought up the subject to my family that I wanted another dog in the house. We all admitted we wanted another dog. I didn't think we be able to stand to have another Boxer, but no one wanted any other breed. We all felt we were being unfaithful to Tyson's memory at first, but after a couple of weeks with Jazz and Mac, we found we could now talk about all the good times with Tyson without tears filing our eyes and without the big lump in our throat that threatened to choke us. I didn't get my puppies to replace Tyson, but because I wanted to experience the love and devotion and feeling of protection that having a Boxer brought to me.

Right now, Mac and Jazz stay in the kitchen behind a puppy gate and when anyone comes to the gate they wiggle their little butts and lick anyone's hand that reaches over to pet them, but someday, IF and WHEN the need ever arises, I know they will protect me. We have had German Sheppard's, poodles, Cocker Spaniels, a St Bernard, daschounds, and various mutts, and none have ever been as devoted or loving to our family as Boxers!

Bravo to our gentle friends who know when not to be gentle!


Super Boxer
I know what you mean, when we lost Phaylynn, and gotten Puckers so soon afterwards, then Max, It took almost losing Puckers to realize how great these dogs are. I cant think of another breed I would want, I dont think they can compare with a boxer!
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