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Boxer Insane
I was completely stressed out tonight (probably PMS) and thought a walk would help me relax and calm down. I figured a nice long walk with Bailey would do the trick. Just me and my dog, away from the kids and the messy house.
We could even use the time for some much overdue obedience practice.

Yeah! What is wrong with me?!!

First I couldn't find the THE leash I wanted to use. Although we have about 8 leashes, I wanted a particular one and couldn't find it, which ticked me off. After giving my daughters the third degree, I find it under the swingset.

We take off on our walk. Bailey is doing pretty well, not too much pulling. I'm making her sit and stay when we see another dog and she starts to get excited. So far, so good.

On the way home, we cut through the park. Bailey spies a Yorkshire Terrier. (And you should know Bailey has a "thing" for little dogs--and it's not a good "thing".) She darts out after it and I just stood strong and yanked back on the leash when she reached the end of it.

Zingggg - the leash and collar come flying back and me, and Bailey keeps going toward the little dog.
Her collar had broke!

The woman with the little dog picks up her dog and Bailey jumps up at her. All the while I'm screaming at Bailey to come. And it's next to impossible to grab her without a collar. I finally just take a dive after Bailey and tackle her to the ground holding her muzzle while she's squirming and kicking. The woman with the Yorkie slinks away.

I manage to get the leash around her neck (a makeshift choke collar). Although the leather leash doesn't release. We're less than a block from home, so I figure we can make do.

Then we run into our neighbor and their two greyhounds. Bailey decides she'd like to play with them. They're old and not very receptive to little boxer pups.
Bailey is pulling and the leash is getting tighter on her neck.

So I start running home trying to get Bailey to run with me and distract her from the greyhounds. Mostly it was me practically dragging her home.

Anyway, that was my attempt at relaxation!
And remember, this stunt was performed by an experienced boxer-owner. Do not attempt it at home!!


Linda, sit down , take a deep breathe, and calm down. Im sure this is just a reaction to "coming home from camping". I will give you all the sympathy you want!!! Tomorrow will be better and just think, you didnt have to deal with the "realestate deal from he**), your lips are not broke out in cold sores and swollen 3 times there normal size,your not sun burnt, believe me dear, I could go on and on and on and on! Lacie send boxer hugs and kisses! Cindy

cindy corl
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Boxer Insane
Thank you Cindy! Yes, yes, I KNOW it could be worse.
Now, after some time to regroup, it was kind of funny.

Boxer Crazy

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Sorry that you had "one of those days". It is kinda funny in hind sight isn't it? Oh, the things we go through because of our kids and dogs! LOL
Hope you have a much better day today.

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