Boxers and the Rain

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chloe isnt a rain dog, i dont know how but she will hold it for hours in rain, there have been times when we had to literally take her outside to go and then you've never seen a dog do their business so fast.


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Oh yeah, Chief hates the rain and the cold weather. If it's cold and rainy, i will open the door and he is like "uh-uh crazy lady, I'm not going out there...forget it, I'll just hold it." And he will hold it too..Unless I go out there with him and get wet and cold!


Boxer Insane
Rocky is like simmons' two. I truly wish he didn't love the rain as much as he does but he can't get enough! It's like a stimulant. He takes off and does the boxer burn around the yard and unfortunately I have a lot of red mud in the back yard so he gets filthy. But to him, the messier the better. I think he's part pig. A Poxer :eek:

Poxer,I love it:LOL:


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Hi. Is there anyone else`s Boxer who dislikes the rain? It`s been raining steady all morning, and I have to literally push his rear-end outside. He does a quick turn around and starts frantically scratching at the door. So, the only way I can get him to stay outside and do his business, is if I go out with him and keep him under an umbrella. The neighbors must think I`m crazy!?! What we don`t do for our babies.

my dog does the same thing, this is his first winter and the rain scares him. i have to walk with him to the grass in the backyard and wait in the rain while he does his business.


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Caine can't stand the rain. i thought maybe he was just a suck but i see that everyone else seems to have that problem.. he even will walk around puddles.. He is the same with the snow but is slowly starting to like that... just barely..
he is such a wimp teehee

Joe Beam

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Chance loves the rain, but he used to hate it. I got him to like it by playing with him outside while it was raining. Sure, I got soaked but he loves it now.


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Kona hates the rain. When she was a baby she would whimper and try to climb up my leg when it was raining. Now I hold the umbrella over her. I guess my husband is right, she is spoiled!


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Mine both hate the ran too. I have to take them on a leash out front and push their butts. I can let Izzy out in the front without a leash, she won't go anywhere, but she goes under the over-hang of the house and does her business. Sometimes, I push them out the back door and they walk along the overhang of the house in the back. Gus has even peed on the deck so he didn't have to walk too far, heheh. They both also shake off a lot, they usually do it together. Even if it's just drizzling, they act like it's pooring and keep shaking off.


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Juke is not to keen on the rain when he goes out to do what he has to do, then he is like a rocket trying to get back in side the house when he has finished. If we are out on a walk with juke he ok with the rain running around jumping over the puddles and playing . strange .


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This is such a funny thread! I thought it was just Bailey who didn't like the rain - obviously not!

Bailey (and Tink my staffy cross does it to), will wait at the door to go out for a pee, but as soon as I open the door and they realise it's raining they start walking backwards to get away from it!

They will not go for a pee until it stops - it's amazing how long they hold it for sometimes!
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