BOXER- WOOD CUTOUTS, etc Take a look!

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sammie's mom

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Tish---love your work!! You're really a great artist----I sent you an email about them. Thanks.........Annie

Annie--proud mom to
samantha (11/19/91) &
marty (1950-1962) waiting
for me at the bridge


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I just received my "Ali" cutout and 2 Christmas ornaments (I had one done of friend Cledus to give to his parents) from Tish. They are fantastic! I've been wanting to get Boxer items but could never decide on things from a catalog. How cool to get things handpainted that look just like your dog!

For anyone considering ordering from Tish, or have been wanting Boxer items, go for it! Tish does a super job and was very communicative (by e-mail) about getting the "look" just right. I'm so pleased with my things!

Thanks Tish!!! :)

Candy (Ali's Mom)
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Ali born 11/29/99
Reverse brindle, natural ears


I wrote you before about these, but forgot what the prices were.
Could you post the prices for everyone?

The Wood-Cutouts, and Ornaments.

Cindy, Mommy of:
12/25/99, brindle male, natural ears, docked tail, white "socks", chest, blaze.
7/27/00, fawn female, natural ears, docked tail, white socks, chest, blaze.
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