Boxer Trouble

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Boxer Pal
Hello all,
I took Oscar for his nightly walk yesterday, there are numerous stray dogs in the area i live ( in Thailand in general too) we never have any problems with them, i always take a stick just in case but only have to raise it if a stray gets too close. Well, yesterday, two other Boxers who live near us got out of their garden and came straight at Oscar, the male is very big and started going for Oscar biting at him and making him cower and shake on the floor, i tried to stop him attacking by stepping in between them but to no avail. I eventually had to use the stick on the other boxer i kept hitting him harder and harder ( i dont feel good about having to do this) and eventually the owner came and grabbed her dog. I have kept quiet about this to my friends because i am always telling them how good boxers are with people and other dogs, and now the only trouble we have ever had is with another boxer!!!
Just shows that you cant judge all dogs of a breed to be the same.
We will be on our guard tonight.................

Tooma's Mom

Becareful Chris, maybe you could try another route? I would hate to see you get hurt, trying to break up the fight, poor Oscar :(
Did you speak to the loose boxers owners?
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