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Laila My Shadow

Like the responses.
Laila is ALWAYS at my side, ALWAYS, no matter what.
Today we ran three miles and she didn't miss a stride.
I have to be careful when I get up in the night that I don't fall over her in the dark.
She is very cat-like at times; grooming, laying on her back with lips falling back.

I just love the breed and this dog particularly.
Boxer owners are truely blessed!


Boxer Pal

Walter and I have been together for about 10 days. So, far, he likes to sit next to me on his couch/bed, snuggle and look cute, turn and look right at me, and burp really really loud.

My wife and I think we're disgusting. If the dog could laugh, we'd both be cracking up.


Boxer Pal
Hi. I currently have my 4th boxer. Their traits have been fabulous. Yes I agree with the guilt trip - they will definitely sulk if you go on holiday without them. One of my boy dogs used to sit up against my legs for a cuddle when I'd returned but look away - I'd get no eye contact for a week after coming back off holiday, then he'd give in. I wouldn't mind but I've NEVER even put them in a kennel! Always had a house sitter that they knew. They bounce when happy out walking, especially on the beach. Posh trots; boxing with their paws when playing. Very funny playing with balloons and bubbles - leap up trying to snap at them and send them shooting back up in the air. Leaping out of long grass like a deer to see their way through. Great joy when they meet another boxer - even a stranger boxer is greeted like a relative! Some sensitive bowels - has to be mentioned. Devoted to the family - if one is walking way behind the rest of the family, the boxer will keep running back to check on them. Fabulous dogs that need to be part of the family pack and well exercised - only destructive if left alone for long periods. Oh, and they LOVE cuddles on the sofa!


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completely agree!

Boxer traits are the best! I also have two cats, a rabbit and a guinea pig. watching westen (my boxer) interact with all of them is priceless. He is scared of them all. The cat and rabbit chase him! he loves to lay his head on the ground, throw his butt in the air and flip him self over. The amount of laughter and love we get from him compares to no other


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Bowser is 5 months old but already some traits I'm recognizing are: Gas- eww, when I'm eating, he drools like a faucet, he wants anything and everything my kids are playing with, he woo-woos when I come home :) and my favorite...the crashing tower. He'll be sitting up nice and tall, you walk toward him or by him and he falls over backwards! Just Boom! Falls onto his back to say "Here's my belly!! You see it?! Rub rub my belly!!"


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Also forgot to mention Bowser snores like a freight train and PEES ON MY HUSBAND! Lmao. I don't really know why it's just him. My husband wants to play with him and stuff but as soon as he tries, wee wee.


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I don't really know why it's just him.

Excitement or submissive urination? If so you'll probably want to react differently then you might otherwise. He's a new rescue... do you know his history?


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I don't. People keep saying it could be that he's intimidated by men. Possibly a mean previous male owner? He's not aggressive. Not ever. But the pee pee happened once when my husband came over to pet him and once when they were playing.


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Wheres the mouse?

Lol lol ,,read all the posts they all sound like boxer traits,my max will look for mice and wont stop till he gets tired well at least he did before ,hes not doing much of anything now ,hes actully caught a mouse i seen it running under laundry room door i opened it up and he tore in and the mouse was gone he was just like hoover vaccum ,,but he didnt eat it he hid it between his gums and teeth and wouldnt give it up..also if we are sitting on the couch he will scootch backwards right between your legs he loves stuffed animals have to hide them


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Ok, Does anyones boxer do a semi summersault in the bed?
At night when we are in bed and we tell her ok its time to sleep and she really doesn't want to she will tuck her head and do this partial summersault thats lands her feet and butt right in the middle of us at the head of the bed.

I have to admit it took me a bit to understand what "kidney" is.. she's been doing that since we got her I think.. If I can find it. My husband has a picture where it looks like two dogs.. ones butt and ones face right next to each other. She literally folds in half.

borrowed some of these from another post.

*laying on back, feet up, not a care! - especially in bed
*GAS --- too funny
*Kidney Beans - split in half
*Boxer Woo Woo Song - and has actually said MAMA
*Stands on her hind feet when she really barks outside.
*Sits her head on the dining table (bad daddy)
*Zipping around the backyard for no apparent reason.
*Spoons in bed or lays directly on my legs
*Lay their head on you like it is too heavy to hold up!