Boxer Tails

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There seems to be alot of people that have never seen a boxer with a tail before - i even had a boxer owner tell me that she thought boxers were born with the nubby tail!!!'s some pics of my boy Ozric - from 3 days to seven months.

Click Here for Pics

Rockys Mom 2

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Ozric is a very nice looking boy. He looks alot like my Rocky only with a tail. Cute tail too. Welcome to BW! I'm new here too. Look forward to hearing all about Ozric and his brothers.

JoAnne & Rocky


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he is cute - i remember the first time i saw a boxer with a tail and very much the first time it hit me :)


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He is very cute!! I have only seen one tailed boxer - was walking down the sidewalk and it took me a double take to realize it was a boxer. I like the tial, gives him that much more character - as if boxers need more of that HAHA


Boxer Insane
My boy, Beau, has his tail! I like his tail, and it doesn't hurt me! His front end (teeth) hurt more!:D

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