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Boxer Size

Discussion in 'Boxer Anatomy and Physiology' started by ceedeedub, Nov 19, 2001.

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  1. Magoo's Mama

    Magoo's Mama Boxer Pal

    Feb 9, 2002
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    Size matters?

    Magoo is about 85-90 lb at nearly 17 months old, so he's a big, big boy, lots of muscle. His late father, Kane, was somewhere near 110 lbs in his prime! Most of the puppies of this particular bloodline I've happened to meet are GIGANTIC at full growth. Magoo was the runt of his litter too, smallest of 5...I can only imagine what the others look like now!

    We don't have a regimented exercise program, unless you count snowshoeing a couple of times weekly, tug of war, chase-me!!!, and wrestling...I get beat up a lot by those feet!

    He's actually one of the largest Boxers I have ever seen...he outsizes most that I've met by at least 4" of height at the shoulder. Most people who have no idea what breed he is ask me if he is a Mastiff... hee hee!

    --Fran and Magoo (a.k.a. Dogzilla)

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