Boxer shot and killed on Georgetown DC

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Completely Boxer Crazy
Poor Scooby...poor aweful. If it were me, I probably would have gone to jail that night if it truely happened as Michelle says :(. I wonder if the cop mistook Scooby to be a pitt. I know some people thought Harley was a pitt and some were intimidated by his looks. I thought he was beautiful! Rest in peace little Scooby.


Boxer Buddy
How awful! Scooby was probably just running over to say hello. I don't know how Michelle could be so calm about it - I would be furious! He is right; an person that is so sensitive and nervous about a friendly dog running towards him shouldn't be given a weapon and the right to fire it in public.


Boxer Insane
I agree that someone carrying a weapon and allowed to use it should be a little more cautious on when they need to use it,also i think i probably would have went to jail also if that was my GDOGS that got shot.we probably will never really know the whole RIP Scooby MoM & DaD of GDOGS 8/18/05 Brindle,Docked,Floppy and full of Zest


Boxer Pal
I cant believe the frame of mind of "people with authority" this is not the first i have heard of an office shooting an animal for no reason. I feel for the family. May scooby rest in peace and haunt the office that did this
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