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I watched TLC Government Secrets last night and they were talking about the Poly Klass case in Petaluma, California, when they showed a Boxer Search Dog! WOW :eek: I was so proud of my chosen breed! He/She was a beautiful brindle with cropped ears and looked as happy as could be!

They didn't talk about the dog, she/he was just in the camera's view twice!


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thats soo cool I've often wondered if boxers would do well in searches. we are all used to seeing the bloodhound. and in fact I used to be a bloodhound nut till I met the boxer. but the boxer is twice as smart as the bloodhound plus bloodhounds stink
so the boxer and his drool didnt bother me in the least. but I think after I seen a blood hound break a glass on a coffee table in half with its tail and the base of the glass not move ..... you respect that tail afterwards and thank heavens me boxer's docked.

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I think someone posted the whole story about that dog (Was it you Krikkit?) I have it in my favorites but the site is temporarily overlogged, so I can't give you the link. If memory serve4s me correctly, I think the dog had been a rescue. I could be totally off on all this...I'll let you know


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I'm not sure who that Boxer would be :). I did post about Caesar who is a service dog, his URL is:

There is some info and pics of police and working Boxers on Cathy and George Markos's home page here:

It is wonderful to see Boxers with important jobs - they love it :)

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Yes, I am TOTALLY off on this. Although, I know I read about that dog somewhere. I think the Klass case was one of its first. You know, you hit thirty and the senility sets in :D !

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Sharon! What a wonderful article on Caesar. I love visiting with Jim and hearing all of his boxer related stories. Thats the first time I ahve got to see a picture though!Thanks for making my day.

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