Boxer Puppy in Philly almost drowned

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Thanks for the update. I am glad to hear little Holly has found herself a forever home. Hopefully the shelter will find homes for some other furbabies in the meantime due to the coverage of this story as well. Maybe Holly's new family will find this site and we'll hear more about this girl! :)


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That is horrible! Yikes! I hope that those people are found...they should be dangled by there feet over a creek! Some people are just sick!

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Well, that's just horrible. Poor baby; the fact that they named her "Holly" just cuts me to the quick that someone could treat any living creature that way. I think of my own sweet little baby and just get very angry....


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oh i'm glad i didn't see that on the news. Sherry i noticed that you live in middletown de. hubby and i live just across the bridge in pennsville.


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Poor little Holly. I hope the new family lucky enough to have her will love her so much she will never remember such a horrid beginning.

What comes around goes around....hopefully soon and literally!

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That's enough to make you physically ill, isn't it? I hope what goes around comes around in double force to whatever cruel hearted person did that. Thank God she is okay! And she already found a new home (being featured on the news sure helps).... I am sure they were careful with who adopted her, so I imagine hew new family will give her all the love they can.
I am so angry right now! What goes through a persons head to be able to do this to another living thing? I just keep thinking about what that poor angel must have been thinking about while she was up there...Thank god someone found her! And they call dogs my mind whoever did this to her is the real animal!
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OMG!! I'm in tears reading this post!!! I hope they catch this monster that did this to that poor baby!!!!!!!!!! I hope that he/she gets their just rewards for this horrible abuse!!

I am glad that she's been adopted and hopefully that this will all soon be a horrible nightmare left behind for her.


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I wish i never read this, because now i will loose sleep. I literally loose sleep over animal cruelty. I cant even begin to imagine how any body could hurt a poor defenseless animal this way. Of course i have a soft spot for boxers, but no animal should suffer this way. I recently did a research paper on animal cruelty and some of the articles i came across literally made me sick for days. Some people think im a to overly sensitive when it comes to animals, but i dont think so. There is a siberian husky down the road who is left outside day and night and tied up in the yard. He looks healthy and well fed, but just the fact that he is always outside and tied up makes me very upset. Dogs need to be around people and exericise, being contained this way for periods of time is mental abuse. Do you think that the local animal control would agree with me or am i just being too sensitive?


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No I think you're just being compassionate. I have such a soft spot in my heart for animals, I hate the thought of animal abuse. Animals are innocent and defenseless and I would wonder about anyone who didn't get really upset and angry at the thought of an animal being neglected and/or abused.
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