Boxer puppy coat question.

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Hi everyone. We will be adding a boxer puppy to the family in a few weeks. Went to visit yesterday and noticed his coat is different than the others. He is a fawn but has a lot of black hairs over his whole body. I downloaded a pic. The other fawn puppies don't have the black hairs. Just curious if anyone can clue me in? Thanks in advance.


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Not sure if you have the pic. From your profile pic, it is hard to tell. My Duke has "pencil" type Brindle markings on his body and he is a very light fawn. He is defined as a Flashy Brindle. Not sure if this helps. Would need to see pics to tell for sure.


Boxer Buddy
Enzo is a flashy fawn and his fawn color was very dark and grey right before we got him at about 8 weeks old according to the breeder. Within just a weeks it changed to that beautiful bright fawn colors we all love about boxers. My guess is he'll start to lose the grey and his fawn become more prominent.
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