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I just discovered that the people who live behind me have a precious brindle, natural eared boxer! He is adorable. Indy and Beauty can't really see him through the trees, but they know another dog is there. There is also a drainage ditch between our houses and all yards are fenced. Next door to the boxer people is a huge chocolate lab. All 4 are always barking and running, etc. I would like to see if Indy could play with the boxer once in a while. However, I think the boxer house is a rental property and I never see these people. The poor baby is outside all the time :( and I don't think he gets a lot of attention. He barks kind of ferociously at me when he sees me at the fence. Should I go to their house first and ask about playing? Indy is kind of funny about other dogs. They appear to be about the same size and age. I don't know if the brindle is male or female. Indy is neutered. Also, we have no dog parks in Jackson. I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to let them play in the yard as territory could be a problem. Indy is very submissive to Beauty. She will get him by the neck and he will just lay down. She kind of holds him there until he "gives". What do ya'll think? Beauty could not play as she is very dog aggressive...she attacks anything that moves. I think her previous owner trained her that way. If I wear gloves when gardening, she will grab them and I have to pry her mouth from around my hand. She doesn't bite me, but she clamps down for dear life. She loves Indy, though. Please let me hear your suggestions. Thanks!

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I think it would be nice of you to approach your neighbors and ask about "play time". It sure would be nice for their neglected baby if you could get to know him/her and take him/her out of the yard once in a while.

I know some folks at church who have a beautiful male boxer that they keep in the backyard all the time. I want him SO bad! They never do anything with him and it is beyond me why they even want him. A couple of weeks ago they told me that something was wrong with his neck and they had washed it off but he had a big lump under the sore...can you say VETERINARIAN? I gave them the address of my vet and they did take him in thank goodness. I think when we move I'll ask them if I can have him.....who knows, maybe they'll think they're getting the best part of the deal not having to mess witht him and we'll get a beauty boy!


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One boxer neighbor we have, I just walked up to their door and said I had been admiring their dog. :)
Then I felt bad because they told me that someone has tried to steal her out of their yard twice. :mad:

Another neighbor, I took Bailey for a walk and practiced down-stays on the sidewalk in front of their house until they came out.

I know, I know. My husband says I'm pathetic. :rolleyes:
Hopefully there aren't any boxer-stalking laws.

Good luck in meeting your neighbor dog!! :D
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