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Diego, has not worked out and been a good fit for our family. I don't know how he was treated by the "breeder". I have a long post about Diego in another forum.

He is still scared of everything and not what we expected from a Boxer, as he was for our two boys. We will try again with a "true" puppy (8-10 weeks old, not 6 months), so we can properly socialize him.

Diego is AKC registered and semi house broken. He is very timid and shy. He has never shown any aggression. We have only heard him bark once.

Please contact me if you are willing to take Diego to his forever home.


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Are you sure you aren't the ones to bring him outta his shell? I have two rescues, and yes they were very trying. But now, they ARE family and have found their nitche. I hope you try. That guy needs the love and caring and time, something that he didn't have in the last place. It takes time. It took 8 months for my one rescue and the other we are still working on 8 months later. Patience is key.

But if you can't find a home, please take him to a boxer rescue. He will have a better time finding that home and will probably get more loving care there than at any shelter. It could have been a shelter atmosphere that got him this way.

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I found it very sad to hear that you are giving up your boxer because he is not what you expected a boxer to be. I haven't read your other post about Diego yet, but I'll look for it. Have you done anything to help him gain some confidence? What about a training class? What about hiring a behaviorist to help Diego deal with his fears.

I have an extremely timid boy that is afraid of everything under the sun, but I'd never consider giving him up just because he's timid and afraid of everything. I do everything possible to make him feel comfortable in our home. No, I didn't expect to get a boxer who was afraid of everything, but he is who is is and he's a part of our family.


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I found your other thread and it seemed that late october he was improving "tremendously" as you put it. What happened since then?


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If he is under a year old he has a long way to go. There is so much time for him to come out of his shell. What about a trainer to help with his behavior issues? I know it takes a lot of time, I have two skin boys myself, but if you bring a dog into your home they bond with you, whether you realize it or not. You are his family. Please don't give up yet, do some research and call some trainers before you give up. He could turn out to be the best dog you will ever have.


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Our vet has suggested "doggy prozac". Maybe we will give that a try...

Our boxer Trucker is on Prozac. Prozac can help with anxiety but isn’t a miracle cure. Don’t expect a dramatic change from the pill alone. It’s best when used in combo with a behavior modification program.


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Rehoming him at this stage is quite a shame for the dog. He is right at the age where he should be going through his second fear imprint stage, and exhibiting fearfulness of new situations, people, etc. If not managed properly (I'd be extremely cautious about putting him on drugs) then the dog is liable to end up fearful (and possibly fear aggressive) for the rest of his life. Rehoming is a very stressful experience at the best of times - and during this phase would need to be handled with extreme care. I would not suggest placing the dog with anything less than an experienced home that understands how to deal with this sort of developmental stage. All dogs go through it, of course. But some are more obvious about it than others (cowering at sudden movements, afraid if the trash can is moved, dragging owners across the street to avoid strangers, etc) and MUST have appropriate leadership if their psychological development is to proceed properly. It would be a serious mistake to rehome him yet again to anyone without the experience to manage that properly.

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I sure hope you can work with Diego and be patient while he goes through this rough period. I'd hate for him to suffer long term consequences at another rehoming. He just needs love, patience, understanding and YOU! :) Keep the faith...
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