boxer magnet #4

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Boxer Booster
You're blessed with all the boxers who will love you, and all your little babies are truly blessed to have found you.

How can anyone mistreat an animal? You are their own personal angel, and you should be proud of the help you give.

Now - apply for a non-profit so you can write off all your costs!


Super Boxer
I wish ya'll were closer! We could start a Boxer rescue together :D

Seriously though - bless you for being that little's ones answer to her prayers. If only everyone were as giving as you...

Have a wonderful weekend,

Heather and the "kids"


Completely Boxer Crazy

we and another family down the street found boxer #5 they took her in. the 2 boys walk her every day and are taking good care of her... so another happy ending.


Boxer Insane
5!!!! WOW. I don't think that 'magnet' is the right term anymore. More like centre of the universe for found boxers!! ;-)
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