Boxer Kisses!

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I was just curious on how many people's boxers are BIG BOXER KISSERS? lovicon
Jazmine anytime she meets someone who is petting her she jumps up (can't break that habit). And reaches as far as she can to their face (specifically their lips) and all she wants to do is give them boxer kisses. She will not lick anyone (not even me) on the hand or arm or anwhere else. She ALWAYS go straights for the lips-NO MATTER WHO IT IS!
When I was picking out my puppy at 6 weeks-I have to admit when I picked her up and she gave me that big wet boxer kiss! I knew she was the one for me!


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Beauty is the kisser in our family. She loves to give and receive kisses. She gets the funniest look in her eye when I kiss her on those precious lips! Indy isn't much of a kisser. If I ask him to give me a kiss, he usually will - IF he feels like it! I love those sweet boxer kisses...


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Maggie used to lick me in the mouth, but now she simply puts her lips up to mine, like a real human type dry kiss and presses into me. It is so cute. Sometimes I make noises with my mouth (kissie sounds) when she kisses me, and she gets the funniest look on her face... that turning of the head back and forth and a look like "what are you, some kind of weirdo?" But I prefer the dry kisses to the wet licking type, for sure. She used to always get me in the nose too, which really bothered me. :)

Kim Y

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:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I'm cracking up Dan! Honey, you have too much time on your hands. Then again, I'm one to talk--Oscar and I spent the afternoon yesterday singing. :LOL:

Gots to love the smootches from the pooches!!!


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Boomer likes to give wet, sloppy boxer kisses right in the mouth too. He especially likes to do it when you're not expecting it!


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my dartagnan is a big kisser and dartagnan used to jump up but we fixed that aramis is a big mush and gives soft gentle kisses dartagnan is wet and slobbery

lisa and jaz..... my dartagnan was like this with jumping up and it got to the piont were my friends wouldnt visit cause of his jumping up so I talked to a few pet owners at my local petsmart and one told me to knee him in the chest when he jumps up.... now I thought it was mean at first and I tryed what the obedence trainer told me (I cant remember what that was right now) but I had talked to my hubby about it and since the other methods didnt work..... hubby came home from work one day and my hubby did it and it only took twice and the dogs sat and waited to be greeted... my hubby used to get greeted like dino did fred it wasnt pretty and he'd do everyone like that .... after my hubby did it the first few times he tryed to jump up on my and all he had to feel was a light tap with my knee and he was down.... but I found that after everyone in the house has straghten out the jumping up problem you have to find just one brave friend to do it ... as to say to the dog that company is off limits too...

the first method I tryed was to ignore him as a pup hopeing he'd stop ....he didnt

the second was what the trainer told me and that was to hold him up thare till his hide legs got uncomfortable and have him relate to jumping up to being uncomfortable.....didnt work his leg mussles just got stronger

now when dartagnan greets us he stands on his hind legs but he's devloped the mussles in his hind legs where he can stand like that and not use his frount paws against anything to balance himself. its funny but he wont jump up on us just stand on his hind legs in the middle of the floor he wont put his frount paws on you cause of the persons knee.


Harley's the lick ya all over type of guy! :LOL: He starts at the face and head and then licks every exposed part of skin on family, friends and complete strangers. He just loves the taste of people I guess!! :D The thing he does that I most hate is he curls his tongue into a tube shape and sticks it into your ear or, even worse, up your nose! :eek: This guy is not shy when it comes to giving kisses! :LOL:


Katie (waiting for me at the Bridge) was a big time kisser. And she would give you one anytime you asked. I was a *real* kiss!
Mack is such a guy. He will *take* all the kisses you want to give......."Sigh, Mom is smooching me again." He gets *very* affectionate with me when he's hungry - then he'll find me, drap his 87lbs across my lap, wrap his paws around my neck and start slurping until I can't breathe! Giggle.
Typical man - only when he wants something!


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YUP! Love those boxer kisses! Tyson will even give me a kiss when I ask him..I say "give mama kisses" and he will put his muzzle up to my face and gently lick my chin. I guess I have too much time on MY hands, too! :LOL:

Lava Linda

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LOL Yep, I've got one of each. Purdy's the big licker. Gilroy will occasionally give me a gentle little tongue tip kiss. He's kind of a shy, reserved guy when it comes to kissing. ;) I love it when he puts his muzzle right up to my face and doesn't lick. It's like we're communing or something....
I got tired of Purdy slipping her tongue in my mouth, so now I tip my head back and she licks my throat during her excited greetings. I tried making her stop for awhile, but she seemed to suffer so much that I relented. It's just her nature, and I love her!!!!!
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