Boxer In Love

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Boxer Pal
Hello, Yes I have a boxer and am feeling very cool. My Boxer's name is Madison....How do I put a Photo on this web?


Boxer Insane
A big BW welcome to you! You didn't give us enough time to respond ;) If you do a search you will find the instructions on how to upload pics, which we can't wait to see!


Super Boxer
Hi there - welcome to BW - the best site in the world for us Boxer Nuts!!!! Looking forward to reading your threads and seeing your pictures


Boxer Booster
boxerworld is addicting!!

Hi! Welcome! I'm pretty new also and I am finding this site so addicting!! Everyone is so friendly and supportive! I can't keep off of the site. Good Luck!!


Boxer Insane
Hi there and welcome to Bw nice to meet you! now that you are here you can never leave you know:LOL: its very addictive!

Madison's Mom

Completely Boxer Crazy
Great Name

:D Love the name of your boxer. I have a 4 year old Madison myself. How did you pick that name?

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