Boxer and Dobe..


Boxer Insane
Just some recents of my goobers.
First, I participated in a secret santa exchange on another website, our package arrived a few days ago...
Juno located the treats and tried to chew right through the packaging
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IMG_9210 by cinSun9, on Flickr

This is how they look when they're playing nice.
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My life - playing disc with Cajun while Juno hangs out in the background waiting for me to toss her something simple! ;)
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Boxer Insane
Wow Juno and Cajun look fab & what great action shots.. They look like very happy pups indeed !
Merry Christmas to you and yours !


Boxer Insane
Both are beautiful! I love their jackets. I would ask where you got them, but we won't be needing them. (It's supposed to be 80° today. Loving the FL weather !)


Boxer Insane
Rub it in Pam, ha. Cold and raining here. Could be worse it could be SNOW.... Love the action shots. Your babies are beautiful. Merry Christmas!!


Boxer Booster
Love the action shots! Their expressions while playing are priceless. Thanks for sharing these, happy holidays!!


Boxer Insane
Loved every picture. I smiled at the one about them playing nice. That is how Daisy and our Lab looks when they play. VICIOUS! evilicon