Boxer and Chihuahua question

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My husband and I have a 11 week old girl boxer, not spayed. His parents have a 2 yr old male Chihuahua, Not Neutered. We are at his parents house A LOT and of course dont want to leave our boxer at home, because in our opinion her being in her crate while we sleep is long enough. She is part of our family and should go when we go. Anyway, when we go to their house, the Chih. and her play of course, they do fine around each other. But his parents say that after we leave the Chih. pee's on their furniture.....everywhere marking his territory. Need any advice on this issue, we wanted them to get to know each other as they will spend a huge amount of time together. But now everytime we go around their house, the Chih. gets held the whole time, or hooked up outside, or left confined in the house at cook outs. Which of course makes uf feel like crap. And seems like they dread seeing us coming. We're not going to start leaving our girl at home because of this. But if anyone has any advice, or reasons why this may be happening we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks ahead of time. I always get such great help here.


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We have 2 male "intact" chihuahuas and when we brought Rocky home they freaked. They have never pee'd in the house only on their weewee pads, but they started marking THEIR toys, beds, whatever they deemed theirs. This went on for a about a week and it is normal behaviour. I understand how you want to take your dog with you and not kennel him, but it is their house and if it seems to upset them when you come with your dog, I would exercise him really good before you go and leave him home.


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It does not matter if the Chihuahua is fixed or not. My eight, almost nine year old Chi is neutered and has been since he was five months old. He still marks in the house although all my male Boxers are also neutered. He also locks up with my two female Chi's, and has always done so. I was under the impression that a male would mark only when there was another male in the house...neutered or not. I feel Zack is 'proud cut'!........Carol
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