Boxer and ballons

Does your boxer like ballons

  • Yes cant get enough

    Votes: 19 51.4%
  • Nope, scared of them

    Votes: 7 18.9%
  • Havent tried.

    Votes: 11 29.7%
  • Have tried but plan to now!

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Boxer Pal
Just wondering how many other peoples boxers have a thing for ballons? Any other strange quirks?


Boxer Booster
Both of mine love balloons..But the thing they go absolutely batty for is BUBBLES.. oh good lord the fun we have had with bubbles.. Of course Keldyn (my 2 yr old) thinks this is the most awesome thing.. The pups will give her undivided attention when the bubble jar comes out.. :LOL: She blows and blows and blows.. It's the funniest thing..They chase those bubbles all over the yard and house..


Boxer Booster
Taz my older guy loves balloons. He actually carrys them around by the stem where you tie them and loves shaking his head. I guess he likes the sound they make.

Maggie is terrified of them, especially when they pop, which they inevitably do.

Seger's not sure what they are and likes to bark at them. We're working on getting him to play with them.

Cayenne's Mom

Boxer Insane
Cayenne must destroy ballons. She loves to bit them and have them pop in her mouth. Just be prepared to look for all of the ballon pieces because it can easily choke your pup!


Boxer Pal
Fritzi is terrified of them - 100 lb dogs - bring 'em on. Balloons - I have to hide them in the closet (on the rare occasion that we have one in the house). She barks at them and when they move she runs under the dining room table :rolleyes: Has been this way since she was a baby.


Boxer Booster
Princess wants to play with them but we keep them up away from her. My friends dog, rott/boxer mix, got one and almost died choking on it, so we don't let our dogs have balloons.


Chewy's Mom

Boxer Insane
Chewy is kinda freaked out by balloons, but still likes them in a weird sort of way. He jumps around and barks at them, and will lunge at them at try to kill them. It's quite a sight.


Boxer Pal
Our Boxer Mattie, LOVES balloons! She thinks they are balls, and they must be played with. Vera, our rott/heeler/dalmation mix thinks balloons are evil and must be avoided at all costs. So if you don't want Vera to come around begging for petting, keep a balloon beside you, and she won't come near you!


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Originally posted by cfhtlhii
My friends dog, rott/boxer mix, got one and almost died choking on it, so we don't let our dogs have balloons.


This is what I am afraid of too! Benson has never played with a balloon.
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