Boxer abd Shih-Tzu - Do they get along??

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I own a 3 year old boxer that is a real treat. I was thinking about a second dog but a smaller one this time.

Any of you guys raising a boxer along with a shih-tzu. I am thinking about adotping a shih-tzu.

My cousin did and she a 1 year old pit that the shih-tzu LOVES. It is so funny watching them play because the shij-tze looks lilke an ant playing with a giant but they get along great.

Does anyone have any experience with raising a Boxer male with a shih-tzu.?


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Our first dog as a married couple was a Lhaso Apso, which is very similar to a Shitzu.

My Boxer and her got along beautifully, once the boxer showed her that he was the boss!


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Luna is 11 weeks old and my sister who lives with me has a shih tzu who is 18 months old. they are best of friends right now...they are pretty much the same size too. they have so many bones and toys but always have to be playing with the same one. its so funny to watch them chew on the same bone! last year when my sister lived in vermont her shih tzu had a pit for a friend and they were also fine.
luna also loves my moms boston terriers who are 7 and 10 years.


My parents have a shih tzu, Max and Codyhim were best of friends. You can see a picture of them in my gallery. Duke and Max get along. Max is 13 now, so doesn't play and wants to be left alone. Duke respects that.

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We have a Boxer and a Shih tzu....They do get along great. The only issues they have are over food, so we feed them separately. The bonus in your situation is your babies are still kinda young, and can kinda grow up together. Ours are both older and did not grow up together and are both male. We separate them whenever we feed them anything and we have it under control.

I've read on here that male/female combos are best for Boxers, so that may hold true for mixing breeds as well.

Other than the food issue, they are great buds. It's funny to watch them play, I am always nervous Bailey is going to step on the little guy - but the Shih tzu is quick!!!


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Thanks for the replies. I have the new Shih-tzu pup at home and his name is Chewy. He and Chance get along fine. It took some getting used to, but I am very proud of my Boxer, Chance.


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We have a 1 year old Shih Tzu, Barkley, along with 5ish year old Heidi. They get along fine. They play ALL the time and. Don't think that the ShihTzu's little size makes your Boxer look more intimidating, because it doesn't. ;) Barkley gets on Heidi's nerves more than the other way around. He's a young punk in her eyes, I think. Barkley does love Heidi. He is her shadow and when they go to do their business in the mornings, Barkley will finish and sit on the steps and wait for Heidi, when she's done they come in together. He's ALWAYS right there with here. I don't think Heidi is as attached to him and he is to her. :) Shih Tzu's are tough little nuts.:)


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My mother in law has 3 shih Tzu's and they are so scared of my little girl. Harlie is very hyper so they think that shes being to ruff. One of them was abused by a previous owner so she tries to attack Harlie. I was really hoping that they would get along. It could be diffrent for you though. Good luck


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I'm in the same boat as you, but we have a Shih Tzu (1 yr) and are adding a boxer to the family!

Our Shih Tzu is a female so I think we're going to get a male just to make sure they don't have any "issues". I've read a few topics about this on other forums and the consensus seems to be that they generally get along just fine.

Good luck with your combo! :)


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I must say that I brought the shih-tzu (chewy) home and he and my boxer Chance, got along GREAT!!! Let me tell you. Shih -tzu's sre BIG dogs in little bodies. With Chance being bigger he would come down to Chewy's level to play. They would be so tired when they were through. Chewy showed no signs of being intimidated by Chance, I say by after the 2nd day of him being in our home. My cousin had one too and a BIG pit bull, (one of those HUGE big headed ones) and they got along great too.

My mom has Chewy now cause it just got too much for me to handle. Mympom treats Chewy better than me and her grandkids. It was a perfect match. plus the kids and I still get to see Chewy every weekend.
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