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Hello Everyone,

I am going to be a new Boxer mama in about 4 weeks :)

We went and picked our Boxer out of his litter two weekends ago, but we will not be able to bring Ace home until March 15th when he will be 8 weeks of course. Ace is a Flashy Fawn Male Boxer and we are very excited to be adding him to our family! This is our second family dog, but our first time owning a Boxer. Our first dog was a lab.

My husband and I wanted to get some opinions and ideas for boundary training our pup. We don't always want to keep him on a leash when we are sitting on our porch in our neighborhood (which is a very low traffic area/side street). I wasn't sure on everyone's opinions on this or a correct way to go about it.

I am open to suggestions and discussion. Do you think it is a good idea to do some boundary training for the yard?

Thank You for your help in advance


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All depends on the personality of your pup, if he has a high prey drive, or is easily distracted...

I would never 100% trust them - but some can become very trustworthy as long as you are out there with them.

#1 thing I would do, is NEVER let them go beyond the boundary unless they are on leash, and they sit at heal, before crossing that line. At least that way, if your dog develops even relatively smart mind, he will learn that it's not allowed. Of course it's up to you to develop that bond so they WANT to do what's right, and not what they decide is right at that moment.


I will caution you - Boxers tend to be more stubborn, and softer (in regards to corrections) than labs - sometimes all it takes is a "look" and they are corrected. Not quite as biddable, but just as smart. You have to show them what you want and encourage that instead of telling them what you don't want.

You'll have to figure out what the best way to communicate to your pup will be. They all seem to have their own preferences.


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Well, I tried that with Gus, and for a long time he was pretty good, but only if I was actively engaging him. The minute I turned my back to do something in the yard, even for 5 minutes, he'd be gone to visit the neighbors or chasing something. Finally last summer I gave up and fenced my yard. Just 4' wire fencing with T-posts, which he could easily get over if he wanted, but he respects it. Best decision EVER!
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