Boomer's brother passed away last night

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I am so sorry to hear about Jacque, he was very much a part of your stories over the past few years. Boomer showed his loyalty to his friend, staying by his side as he did which only goes to show how far he has come under your care.

Godspeed Jacque angelicon

(((HUGS))) to all of you

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I'm sorry to hear about Jacques. I read this yesterday and couldn't write because I felt so bad for you. I understand because Casey has a brother lop ear also. Give Boomer a big hug.
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Thanks to all for your kind words. Although Jacques left our family sooner than we had planned, he gave us many fond memories. I've prepared a place for him on the fireplace mantle, among a couple of pictures I have of him, and I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon.

For the last several years, he would wake me up around 0400 every morning, doing laps around his cage while pushing a wooden block with his nose. I requested that the block and his favorite towel be cremated along with him, so that he and his favorite possessions will remain together forever.


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I just saw this thread. I am so sorry for your loss. Boomer was such a good brother to Jacques. I think the idea of cremating his favorite things is really sweet. RIP little bunny


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So sorry about Jacques. My Boomer sends your Boomer a big boxer hug.


Godspeed little Jacques
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