Boomer's brother passed away last night

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I'm here at the office, catching up on some work, and thought I'd write a short note to say that Jacques (Boomer's rabbit brother) passed away yesterday evening. I came home, and Boomer didn't greet me at the door as he usually does. I walked into the bedroom to see Boomer laying next to Jacques' cage, and noticed that Jacques was not well. When I put my hand inside the cage to stroke his head, he nuzzled up to my hand and passed on.

While Jacques has passed away, I am ever so thankful I have Boomer right now. He knows something is wrong, and has been searching for Jacques the entire morning.

Jacques was a present from my wife in August 1999. When Boomer found us in August 2001, Boomer wasn't too sure about Jacques. However, over the last 4 1/2 years, Boomer and Jacques had become friends.

I can't believe I'm this emotional right now...I've cried so much in the last 22 hours that I'm surprised I have tears left.

Boomer and I delivered Jacques to a crematory this morning. I'll pick up his remains on Tuesday afternoon.

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I'm so sorry you and Boomer lost your little friend. It was nice that Boomer stayed with him until you got there so he wasn't alone.


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I am soooo sorry that you lost your friend, thank goodness he had a loyal guardian by his side, he new he wasnt alone. **BIG HUG**


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I was sorry to hear about Jacques. God Speed little one!
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