Boomer's 6th Birthday

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Today is Boomer's 6th birthday (at least today is the day we're celebrating). Due to the fact that I'm still poor, even though I'm now working, my only gift to him was extra attention and treats this morning. Maybe one of those Visa gift cards I'm expecting will arrive in the mail this afternoon and we can make a quick run to Petsmart for a couple of toys. Grandma did fill a quart-size ziploc baggie with homemade hearts and bones (the peanut butter variety) for a Valentine/Birthday present.

My bank account is close to overdraft status as we made an early (read that unexpected) visit to the new vet (yesterday), after noticing his tummy and chest were turning bright red. More than likely it's a bacterial infection, so we're got 500 mg of Keflex twice a day for two weeks. I'm also continuing his antihistamine, just in case it is contact dermatitis. Everyone at the vet's office couldn't believe how happy the 62.7 lb kidney beaning tornado was to be among so many new faces ("Of course you came to see me, right?").



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I am sure he appreciated the extra attention and treats. Maybe take him for a drive (to Walmart for one of their 1.00 specials or to McDonalds for a burger - no onions) would add to the festivities tonight or/and a long walk. :)

Happy Birthday Boomer!!!!


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birthdayic birthdayic birthdayic Boomer. All you really need is what your mommy is already giving you - lot and lots of love and kisses.
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