Boomer got into paint

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Julie Davis

Boxer Insane
I inadvertently left the shed door open out back, and naughty Boomer went in and knocked over a bucket of paint. The bucket had a lid, but apparently it wasn't on there good enough. Boomer and my beagle Brandy got paint all over them. Luckily most of the paint came off with a good scrubbing.( It sure wasn't fun scrubbing a big dog who didn't want to be scrubbed!)

Nikki's Mom

Boxer Booster
We are in the process of painting our house (Blue). Last weekend Nikki kept getting in the way finally I told her that if she did not quit trying to help so much I would end up painting her blue too and then we would have to call her "Blues Clues". I know she will eventurally get some on her before we are finished.

Nikita (Nikki) - White female born 8/1/93

Copper Hill Boxers

My husband once painted a fence, himself, and 4 dogs red with one of those sprayers. *G*

Cindy B/Copper Hill Boxers


Boxer Pal
We were in the process of painting our interior and our nine week old female named Dakota, decided to walk through the paint and then ran aross the room leaving little white paw prints everywhere she went. It was cute,but not a the time.
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