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Hello everyone. This is a random question more of an opinion. Idgie Mae who is now 2 (YAY) has been on Blue Buffalo Wilderness for about a year now. She started on the chicken formula then due to a major price cut we switched her to the salmon. The salmon food is now approximately $5.00 more per bag witch is no big deal :) She goes through weird phases where she will either Gobble it down or she takes her sweet time eating it. She never doesn’t eat it, and we do occasionally give her some of the wet blue buffalo either blues stu or the family favorites not very often does she get them only when she’s been a good baby J I read on the dog food advisor website that the foods I am giving her are grad A good stuff. She’s been doing well on them. Full of energy and her coat is Gorgeous. I am just curious if anyone else has their boxer on this kind of food and is it okay to switch flavors up every now and then, just to keep her intrest up. I also was curious ifone formula is better than another Chicken Vs Salmon. Just want to keep my baby in tip top shape so we can be together a long time J


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I switch between the limited ingredient Blue Buffalo Turkey and Salmon. I will also switch between Origin and Blue Buffalo... my little girl get board with the food pretty quickly and I have to keep mixing it up.

One thing to consider is your storage of the food. You shouldn't buy more than you can feed in a 30 day period and it should be stored in the original bag an and then put the bag in a air tight container. If you just pour the food in a plastic container, it will leave a residue that will spoil the next batch of foo you put in.


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It is definitely a good idea to switch up your foods every couple of months or so. Different flavours and preferably different manufacturers. Variety is the spice of life and switching manufacturers will help prevent their diet in being deficient in anything.