Black spots on a seal female?

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Our 6 mo. old AKC pup is a gorgeous flashy seal female with a full white collar. She has three black spots on the top of her neck. These spots are not on her skin, these spots are actually fur. She's our third boxer so we thought it was cute and one of the reasons we picked her! Anyone else have a boxer with spots and is this common?


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Tucker has fawn spots on his neck, black spots on his belly. His mom, who was a white boxer (dad was fawn) also has black spots on her's weird lol


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Achilles started off completely white then developed black spots on his skin. Now im noticing the fur above the spots are light brown/fawn.


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Roge has a few on the fur on his chest but they only really stand out when his fur is wet. as you can see in the avatar it looks pure white.
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Kinnon used to be all white, with the exception of her eye patch, but now she's very speckled! Looks like a dalmation snuck pale fawn spots all over her!
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