Black dot=Chow Chow Ancestry?

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I know Chows have purple/black tongues, and chow mixes often have spotted tongues -- if a dog has a black dot on his tongue, does that mean there is Chow in his background?
I have a stray dog right now who has a small black dot on the back of his tongue -- and it made me curious. ???????? (no, he doesn't look like a chow)


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Brenin, our second Boxer, had a large black spot on his tongue and he was a purebred Boxer. I don't know what that originated from, I always said that he had some spots on his chest so why not on his tongue.

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You know that is a great question, I have been wondering about that we have a Malumute/Shepherd who had blue spots on his tongue, and I know for a fact there is no Chow in him. I had a Chow/Shepherd once who also had these markings on his tongue. Sorry folks I am so anti-Chow, bad experience.


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Our friends had a chow/lab mix. His tongue was almost totally black.
I don't know for sure, but I don't think black dots or marks are a sign of chow. I think it has to be completely black.
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