Biting/Mouthing and Cars!?!?

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Our baby's name is Montgomery (Fawn w/ black mask, natural ears, part human). He is 13 weeks old and is a pure delight. We do have a few questions that hopefully some more experienced parents can assist us with.

First of all - nipping. He is an avid nipper and IT HURTS! How do we stop this? We've tried the grabbing of
the muzzle, we've tried the squirt gun and even the firm "NO BITE!" It doesn't seem to be working. He is
obviously playing - it doesn't seem aggresive, but it isn't fun for Mom or Dad.

Second - how do you make them afraid of cars? He is so friendly and playful; nothing seems to frighten
him. Of course we will do everything in the world to ensure he isn't ever allowed to run free without us
around...but what if... How should we go about handling this? We do the "Sit" before we cross any
street, but we can tell, if there were another dog or person across the street, he would not hesitate to
dart across for a quick lick and hello.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Oh yea, one more thing, any great training classes here in Portland???


It sounds like you are having fun with your boxer baby! I have a 7 month old and a 10 week old...they keep me hopping for sure.

As to the nipping. I use the muzzle hold and "no bite" - very firmly on both as well as sticking my fingers down Zelda's throat and gagging her. SHe HATES that and straightens up right away. You should always have something to offer instead of your hand for after the correction and give TONS of praise when he chews on it instead of you. The key is to correct the behavior every time and to never allow mouthing or biting, period. Be consistent and you'll see results.

As for the car issue: I think that it's not a matter of making him afraid of the car since you want him to go in and out easily for trips, etc. and you don't want him to be a nervous passenger. I think that the key here lies in training him to sit/stay a decent distance before any street or parking area and to teach him to sit/stay when he gets around any car...just like they train seeing eye dogs.
That's just my opinion...others may not agree, but hey, it's free!!


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Welcome to the Board!! I am so excited; someone who lives close to me!!!! :D :D :D

Montgomery sounds like a doll.
There have been some excellent tips and tricks on this board to curb the puppy biting problem.
One thing to do is to yip loudly or yell "ouch" when he bites and get up and walk away. When other dogs have had enough, they yip or yelp. Walking away lets him know the game is over.

Another thing to try is when he mouths or chews your hand, push your hand further in his mouth, in effect gagging him. If it's unpleasant for him, he'll stop.

I know it's really hard at this stage, because almost everything you do seems like a game and he'll keep playing as long as he thinks you are.

I think basic obedience training will help with darting out in the street.

One more thing - I've been trying to organize a "boxer play group" on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm at the dog park at North Clackamas Park (I only have 1 other person so far).
I'd love to meet you and Montgomery. Let me know. :)

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