Birthday time!

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Boxer Insane
We're celebrating Turbo's sixth birthday today and Harley turns four tomorrow :)

It's hard to believe we've had Turbo for almost a year and a half already. He is such a good dog! When people tell me they think rescue dogs always come with issues, all I have to do is introduce them to Turbo, aka Mr Big, to change theri minds. I'm sure his original family must have been heartbroken to give him up. If I could get a message to them, it would be "Thank You!" We're lucky to have him.

As I sit here typing this, Harley is on my lap. He's my baby and is never much more than an arm's length away when I'm home. When we took a short vacation a few weeks ago, my son told us Harley sat in the living room, looking for me out the window most of the time we were gone. Attached? Yes, just a little ;)

Happy birthday to my boys! birthdayic

(....I know, Rox, I didn't mention you at all. Your turn comes in May, remember?)


Completely Boxer Crazy
Aw! That's awesome!! Glad to hear another successful rescue story!

Happy birthday guys!


Boxer Insane
Happy birthday to Turbo & Harley!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the kudos to rescue dogs; my (rescue) Sammy is the best!!!
Have two great birthday days!
Mary, Sally & Sam
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