Big Thor is gone


Completely Boxer Crazy
We had to say goodbye to our big boy Thor on Saturday.
Thor was the dog that saved me after we lost Garvin. After losing 3 Boxers in as many years I couldn't face another one. I figured I'd get sent the right dog.
Thor was a Dane X whose last days were running out at the pound. He came to us absolutely terrified of everything, including his own shadow. He healed our hearts and was my rock for 10 years, and since COVID, my 24/7 companion.
But 13 is ancient for a Dane, and his body just gave out.
He was the best big brother to Fiona that he could be given his physical limitations. She hero worshiped him.
So Thor has gone to the Bridge to be reunited with all his old friends, as well as Garvin, who he never met, but who in dying, caused Thor to be saved.
Farewell faithful friend.


Completely Boxer Crazy
I am so sorry to hear of Thor's passing. We can never keep them long enough. Wishing you comfort and peace during this difficult time.