BIG NW boxer playday; details

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Boxer Insane
Here's the info on our "boxer bash."

Basically this is just a day at the park with the boxers! 100% socialization, for both boxers and their people!

Date: Sunday, May 6

Time: 11:30 am - ??
we'll be there for hours,
so okay if you're a little later

Place: North Clackamas Dog park
(take Rusk Rd. off Hwy. 224 in Millwaukie)

If anyone needs any further information or directions, post the question here, and I'll respond with a private e-mail.

I did get some information on a dog-friendly hotel nearby if anyone is coming for the weekend! I'll pass along that info to anyone who needs it. :D

Really looking forward to this!
Should have LOTS of boxers there. ;)


Boxer Insane
Another thing!

One more thing.

For those of you who are not familar with this park, the dog area is entirely fenced with double gates at each entrance. So no need to worry if your boxer has a so-so recall. ;)


Boxer Buddy
Hey, I'm from Salem and would love to come. However, KC seems to have "dog issues". Almost every encounter with another dog ends in a dominance battle. She has made friends with only one other dog...none of the other owners will let it go long enough to actually work itself out. She has never hurt another dog (in fact, she usually ends up with minor cuts) and I know she just wants to play so bad. Does anyone have any advice on how to get her to accept other dogs more readily? What I am doing now is keeping her on the leash and really praising her as long as she is around the other dog and not growling or fighting. As soon as they fight, we leave. Can anyone help me.....I really, really want to go on May 6th!!!!
Wow, last time we had a dog with issues, and after the awhile she was put on a leash for the rest of time. BUT no one really complained, we all pitched in when a scuffle happened. Do you think she would make friends through the fence, first? You boxers play so rough , has she ever been around other boxers? Its possible that she could do fine with them. Cindy

ps are you 'dogbone" from the chat room?


Boxer Insane
Well, Salem is not THAT far away.
You could come and see how it goes. :)

Worst case, KC won't get along with the other boxers. At least you could come and meet everyone. The dog area is fenced, so you could "step out" if anything serious arose.

Perhaps if KC was given ample opportunity off-leash to play, it may work out.
And we're a pretty tolerant group! We'd give her a chance. ;)

Are all of her encounters with other dogs on leash? That could be part of the problem. I won't name names ;) but I know some dogs that simply do NOT get along when leashed, but off-leash they play great!

Love to meet you and KC. :D


Boxer Buddy
No, I'm not dogbone! KC is has been both off leash and on when fights break out. I had her evaluated last night by a trainer. He doesn't think that she has a dominant problem at all. She was severely neglected and abused and so he thinks that her fighting is due to lack of socialization and confidence. He also thought it would be really easy to fix in obedience classes (which I was going to do anyway), but they don't start until May 9th. He suggested that I keep her from negative dog experiences (fighting) until after that classes. I think we will still come though. I'll try her and maybe end up putting her in the van! I'm just excited to see all those boxers and to chat!

Timmy S.

Thanx for the info Linda!:D Barring any unforeseen schedule changes, Maddison and I should be there!:) Unfortuntely, Trish will not be able to make it.:( She will be out of town that week, and will be flying back into Seattle that very night(10pm) of the bash. She was pretty dissapointed when I told her that the bash will be held on May 6th. She was really looking forward to meeting everyone and their cuties. Oh well, I'll have to take a bunch of pictures for her while I'm there. Maddy and I can't wait to see everyone!;)
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