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Best food to use with human food additions...

Discussion in 'Feeding' started by Barbara DFA, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Barbara DFA

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    Apr 12, 2010
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    I have two dogs that we adopted two years ago. They were 1 year and 2 year when we got them. No health problems so far. My last dog was sick all the time, and had allergies and occasional bouts of colitis...

    With my last dog, I didn't know any better, and fed him the same food the first 2 years that we had him- California Natural. Then he started itching a lot- and that's when the adventure of switching foods and trying to figure out what bothered him began. Not a fun journey. He had so many health problems that he ended up dying at a young age- I am pretty sure he was a puppy mill dog- we adopted him when we lived close to the Mexico boarder in San Diego...

    With my new girls, I've been trying to rotate high quality foods every few months in hopes that they won't develop allergies, and to keep them interested. The main foods I rotate are Orijen foods (switching between the turkey, fish and red meat) and Wellness Core (feather and fish varieties).

    I often like to supplement their kibble with various additions. Sometimes I just crumble some of the freeze dried Stella and Chewies patties. Other times, like when I buy fish, I will cook them up their own filet of fish and mix that in with their kibble. Sometimes they get a hard boiled egg mixed in. I don't eat other meats, otherwise they would be getting other meats off my table. I end up adding a little warm water to the kibble when I mix in additions and let it sit for about 1 minute before serving. They eat fresh veggies every night off my cutting board- when I start chopping veggies, they run into the kitchen and beg for broccoli, kale, carrots...

    Since I like to add whole food to their kibble (cooked fish, eggs, Stella Chewies) and raw veggies, are Orijen and Wellness Core good kibbles to be doing this with, or are there other foods on the market that would be better? I like the Orijen and Core kibbles, but there seem to be so many new foods, and new types of foods besides kibble coming out the past couple of years, it's hard to keep up! Having a complete kibble is important to me, because there are some days I am too sick to fix them up much of a meal (I have a chronic health issue)- on those days they get straight kibble.

    I'm lucky that these dogs so far have no signs of skin allergies or GI problems with any foods I have tried. They are healthy, I want to keep them that way! I mainly like to supplement to give them some variety, and they get so excited when I'm preparing their meal, that they sometimes bark for their dinner!

    Any ideas welcome. I don't want to go raw- seems like so much work, and since I don't eat any meat except fish, it would gross me out, although for my last dog at the end of his life when he wouldn't eat any dog foods, including canned, I was cooking him liver- on a hot plate outside on my deck, in a pan dedicated to meat...


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