Bentley is looking better already !

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appicon Bentley is looking better! Not only the weight, but he is looking more relaxed as well. My heart breaks a little when I see his bony body, and yet at the same time I feel relief as he is now being loved and so well taken care of. Give him and Arabella both a hug for us.


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Wow, he does look better already! He's going to be absolutely gorgeous when he gets to a healthy weight. I'm glad he has settled in so well. It won't be very long before he forgets what it was like before he had a family that loves him.


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Much better! He's looking good. I saw the use of Ace thing in the other thread, Had it turned out well! It was a good vet. I had read the problem is Boxers are more sensitive to it than others and it takes 25% less of it then it does for other dogs

Glad it worked, and a heads up on the sliding glass door. It may never be a problem but I would put stickers or painters tape on the sliding glass door at Boxer eye level so the dog can see the glass is there! Learned that the hard way!

Glad it's going well. :)


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Ha ha!
He's looking wonderful. :)

I just noticed how similar his markings are to Arabella's! You are going to have quite a little matching pair there. :D
Cant wait till they get to meet each other.


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Oh, he DOES look so much better already. Well done on all your TLC ... it's really paying off.
I love the pic where he is on the bed with your son, it looks so much like he has settled in, right at home already.


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Great job, he is definitely looking better already:)

Here's a happy dance for you guys fiestaicon

So very awesome!!!
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Yes he does look better :) Love and food sure makes a difference doesn't it. GOOD JOB!

I am soooo happy for you all
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