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My boyfriends mom is a beanie baby collector, big time. She has a spare room full of them, floor to ceiling. We were at her house on Saturday night and we brought the dogs with us. We were all sitting in the living room watching a movie, when all of a sudden, here comes Tyson, full speed ahead, with a pink beanie bear hanging out of his mouth! You should have seen our faces. I was a little mortified at first, not knowing what he had done to this poor helpless bear, lol. I quickly took it away and gave him another toy to play with. It was so funny. He had this look on his face that said "look mommie, look what i tackled!". Has anyone else had this happen to them?



Completely Boxer Crazy
:( Oh yes, my boys have suddenly become "the Destroyers" I have had to remove all my Teddy collection to a new "safe" spot after losing my special Wimbledon Bear. On Sunday, they opened a closet and found a beanie baby Boxer dog that I found on sale and was saving for a gift.
It was demolished. A less expensive bunny also bit the dust. Amazing what was accomplished in a little over an hour.
Looking forward to the toys to arrive tomorrow as they have cleaned through all of theirs!

Lisa M

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Yes, Casper loves to steal stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes. We call the little spare bed with the few surviving "teddies" Casper's Temptation Island. :LOL: We joke and say that we'll start our own reality show where we give the last "survivor" on Casper's Temptation island $1,000,000.

He even ate the clothes off of a doll that my grandmother bought just this weekend - there goes that collectible too ;) Little devil.


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I, too, have a collection of Beanie Baby dogs and a collection of antique teddy bears. For the first year we had Titus, I had to keep the bedroom door closed, or the next thing, he'd be running out of the bedroom with one of the items in his mouth shaking it around. It stopped happening when I stopped giving him stuffed animals for his toys. After all, to them, they are just more toys. So now I buy real doggie toys and treats and he leaves my stuffed animals alone! He also used to do the same thing with shoes. So I don't give him old slippers any more, either!


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My Greta also loves my beanie babies and beanie buddies. I keep them in a separate room with the door closed. However, the other day, I had to go in that room to get something. Greta had to come in with me, of course. I left the room for a minute to do something. When I went back, I saw Greta sneaking down the stairs with one of my beanie buddy bears. Luckily, I got it away from her before she took it out in the backyard, which she usually does when she steals something!


No beanie babies, but...

My parents don't have any beanie babies around, but...about a year ago, we found several 6-7 inch high stuffed gorillas that squeak. We bought four of them for Daniella. I think that was her favorite toy. We used to say, "Where is 'Grilla?'" She'd run all over the place until she found him (Used to carry him either by the arms or the nose.).

Thanks to my mom's cousin, who bought her a stuffed cellular phone that rings, she doesn't touch toys that don't make noise. The cell phone lasted for a couple of months before the noise stopped and the novelty wore off. Now she has a dog that plays "Oh, Susanna"...except there's a dog barking and a banjo strumming at the same time if you listen closely, and a parrot that squawks. When I visited them a week ago, Dani would get up in the morning, find the doggie, and wrestle with it just long enough for the music to start.

Some days, my dad thinks he's going to hide that dog...



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Kobo's favoite is a stuffed Garfield. She loves to shake him up and throw him up into the air to play catch with. Sometimes she will bring Garfield to Kiki and try and entice him into a game of tug-o-war. They have't destroyed him yet.

We have to watch Kiki and my granddaughter (3 y/o) closely. Catriana's babydoll, Angel, seems to be a favorite target for Kiki to carry around.

BTW: Kiki will always greet you at the door with something in his mouth, a toy, slipper, sock, anything he can get his hands on. Do any of your pups have a similar behavior?
All my nice stuffed animals must go in the closet. I know my boys better and boy are they sneaks. Plus they have so many toys to play with.


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my youngest (2.5) loves to run over my convertable car.
I was appauled yesterday when I saw this. I drove my truck to work, so the convertable stayed home. when I got home, pulled in the driveway, there he went, like king of the hill
scratched it up good. last winter they got under the car cover and ripped the entire top up, playing tug of war.
but to see an 80lb dog run over top of my miata was something. today, I am driving the miata, I dont want to temp fate...


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Beanie Baby's Here!...and their going fast!

Our Mr. Pink...thats his nick name...his name is kanobie, anyway....he got our daughter's Quackers, The mint green bunny, the chick in the egg! Oh, he has never looked so excited in his whole lifetime! He came flying down the hallway...ears flying too...eyes all lit up like a christmas tree...with that beanie baby in his pink mouth! I could'nt get upset, darn it...he is just such a gentle boy..and so sensitive. He does'nt want to make us unhappy ever...he was excited about his find, and was bringing it to us to show us what he found! God, how we love this guy.
He's the best. Sincerely, TeriLynne.
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