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Maggie has this habit of barking at her food before she eats it. At first we started looking in and around her bowl, to see if there was ants or something, but found nothing. When she has been in other places eating out of other bowls, she does the same thing.

I have come to the conclusion she is jut playing, trying to scare her food before she eats it. Anyone elses hound bark at their food, or is this just another dorky attribute Maggie has that makes me love her.

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That is too cute!
I can just picture it...Silly girl!

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Sometimes Indy will take his food out of the dish and bury it in his bed in the den!! Then he pounces back and forth at it before eating. I guess it's that hunt instinct, but it's so funny when he does this. Do you think they're trying to get it to move so they can chase it??

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Our chihuahua sometimes plays with her food too. She will take a piece of kibble in her mouth and carry it to the middle of the kitchen floor or under the table and then growl, bark, and pounce on it as if it were something alive. She will pick it up again, or "fling" it into the air with her mouth, and again growl and pounce. Eventually she will eat it and sometimes go back for another piece of kibble and do this a few times- it is really entertaining to watch. I always get a good laugh out of it. It reminds me of a cat playing with a mouse. Maybe she is part cat - she is the right size - LOL

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I had a cocker spanial years ago and he always acted as if he was covering or hiding his food bowl and it was some performance he then wouldn't let us near him growling all the time ,eventually he wouldn't let us into the kitchen after I put his dinner our,he was very dommineering.

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My girls barely give me a chance to put their bowls down before they dive in.

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Otto acts goofy too. When Otto eats, he gets a mouthful, moves to the center of the kitchen & starts to circle while standing in place! Then when he gets tired (or dizzy) he goes back for more food & it starts again!!!

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Nikki did that for a while when she was a pup. It is very funny!!

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Roxy pushes down on her dog food with her nose right after I put it in her bowl. It looks like she is patting it down or something. Then she walks away from it, and usually won't eat for at least an hour.

Kaiser just inhales his, and will often lay down as he eats his food out of his bowl. hehe


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