Bad Friday

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Completely Boxer Crazy
Just venting
At work I dumped a whole bowl of vegetable soup in my lap & all over the floor. Had to leave work to go buy new clothes to change(live too far away).
Right after work I have to go to myDH Great uncle's wake. He was 94 and has been married for 73 years to his Aunt. He lived a long full life and died peacefully in his sleep which is good. But I fell so bad for his wife, she is devestated after being married to him for 73 yrs. Then I just heard a blurb on the news that there is a fire where my DH works, he is not there now as he works nights, but i have no idea how bad it is. The power went out at my house from the wind so he can't get any information fron TV or anything. Hoping it is just a small fire, but who knows? Oh well just had to vent


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Sorry you are having a bad day.
When it rains it pours!!
I have faith in you that you are a strong person and will get through it.
You have a wonderful husband and a boxer...what more could you ask for??

On days like this... for me, I always think about the homeless, or all the dogs in the shelters and think how much worse may day could be, I have to be thankful for what I DO have because others are worse off then I am!!

I hope your day gets better and that you have a great weekend.


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Michele, sorry your having such a rough day..and on a friday too! It sounds like your just a bit overwhelmed with all the "stuff" going on around you. Try to think positive and remember the weekend is coming and you can snuggle and love on your boxer for that much needed break it sounds like you need. Hang in there!


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Michele, sorry you're having a tough day. I pray that your hubby is safe along with all others in that building!! Sounds like a mini-meltdown you're having! Thank God it's the weekend and not Monday! Relax if you can. I think a day like this calls for a bubble-bath (glass of wine optional but recommended ;) ).
Hope you have a good weekend! :)
xenaprincess said:
I think a day like this calls for a bubble-bath (glass of wine optional but recommended ;) ).

I second that!!! Doesn't it always seem like these things come in clumps? Glad your hubby wasn't at work and is ok!


Completely Boxer Crazy
thanks everybody. I am doing better now. we did go to the calling hours and his great Aunt is doing ok, as well as can be expected. The fire was fairly minor and no one was hurt, thank God. After picking up my daughter from basketball practice and dropping her at a slumber party I stopped by my neighbor's Home Interior Party and had that much needed glass of wine! :)and of course when i got home I was met with lots of boxer wiggles!
Hope you all have a good weekend. Thanks again
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