Baby Blues - Feeding 101

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Boxer Pal
My 8 week old puppy Brego gets fed twice a day (i would feed three times but i work during the day) about 1/2 cup of kibble for breakfast and about 150g of raw meat (chicken and beef) with a hand full kibble plus a liquid supplement. He eats every bite, never gorges his food down and he will keep eating and eating till i stop feeding him there is no full button!!

He has been wormed and vaccinated and is coming up to his second vac in 2 weeks but i would love him to put some weight on... he is full of energy and doesnt seem at all lethargic or sick or sad, he just looks a bit light on the weight side of things....

any advice would be appreciated :)

Caney Creek

Boxer Insane
Sounds like he isn't being fed enough. If you're feeding a good quality kibble, a boxer that falls within the breed standard for size should get about 2-3 cups per day. Raw food however is different since raw meat still contains a lot of water; dogs on raw diets need to consume 2-3% of their adult weight in raw meat, per day. So overall it sounds to me like he simply needs more food.

Also, I wouldn't recommend feeding raw meat at the same time as kibble because they have different rates of digestion. The kibble slows down the digestion of the meat, giving it more time to grow bacteria and potentially make the dog sick. A better routine would be to feed strictly kibble in the morning and strictly raw in the evening. :)
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