Attention Floridians: All Children's Hospital

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Hello everyone.
And to everyone lucky enough to be living in Florida (except for the election stuff.)

I should be graduating in May with a degree in Health Care Management/Business Administration. I have been looking for jobs everywhere, just searching to see whats out there.

Well, I love kids and thought it would be interesting, also sad, to work at a childrens hospital. So I find All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. It sounds awesome. They just send me an employee info package, and they have great benefits and stuff. question to you....have you heard lots of good things about it?? Or what have your experiences been. I know they have a great reputation and received the 1999 Tampa Bay Family Friendly Business Award.


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Hi Cindy: I haven't heard anything good or bad about All Children's Hospital, but I was wondering if you knew if they were a Children's Miracle Network sponsored hospital. All Children's Hospitals around the country are supported by the Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and that's who I work for in Richmond, VA. :) The nice thing is we support our own local hospitals, so my money raised all stays in Richmond. So, I guess from my experience, I have good feelings about it and you working there! You can never go wrong in helping disadvantaged or ill children. It is sometimes very sad when they die or have sad situations. But, think of all the children you would be helping, plus their families. Good luck in your decision, let us know what you find out and decide. Jessica
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