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Is the other dog trained well enough to lay down quietly next to Charlie? Would charlie let him?

My friends dog and my pup got in a scuffle and we are working on them getting along.

Which basically means they get to lay down together while both of us pay complete attention to them. Its slow but we have made great progress.

Of course maybe its not important enough to you that they get along(which is fine not all dogs get along) it is alot of tireless work at first.

Sorry to hear about Charlies ear.


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I'm SO sorry to hear about Charlie Paper, poor boy! :( Sending healing vibes for his ear, and hope he wasn't traumatized!!


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Thanks to you all! Charlie Paper's doing well, his ear scabbed up nicely & we got him on anitboitics to prevent possible infection. He's not really affected by the incident, I took him back to my bf's house (while the other dog wasn't there) so he'd know its not a "house of pain". He doesn't seem to be tramatized, which is VERY good.

Poor Charlie Paper. Do you know what caused the attack?

No clue what caused it. The 2 dog have had a disagreement before over a toy, but if I'd ever thought Charlie Paper was in danger, I wouldn't have put him in that situation. In fact, I've doggy-sat this particular dog before on 2 or 3 occassions & they both slept comfortably on my bed with me, one resting his head on the other's back. I guess something just didn't click on Friday. Oh well. The two of them will just remain separated. The dog's owner (who, like I said, is a friend of mine) is getting ready to go to grad school in Oregon, so it won't be an issue for much longer.

I will pass on everyone's love to my wiggley butt!!! :)


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Poor Charlie Paper!!! That's good he wasn't affected by the incident and I am so happy he wasn't injured any worse. Rowdy and Disco send get well wiggles.


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So sorry that Charlie Paper was hurt but glad to hear that he is doing fine now. Maggie sends boxer wiggles and kisses.


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My best wishes for a speedy recovery. Poor Charlie Paper! Does your friend have any insight into what provoked the attack? Illness?
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