Attack of the Lumber

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They are constructing a new unit right beside of mine, so of course there have been supplies in one of our grassy areas...lumber, rafters...and who knows what else.Well, it's been there for a couple of weeks and Herkie has paid it no mind.This afternoon on our walk before work, he all of a sudden starts barking, growling, and just raising cain!The hair on his back was even raised!So I am looking around wondering if we are about to be mugged, or attacked by a stray dog...and I don't see a thing!Then...I see the tarp covering some of the lumber flap...just a tiny bit!And off he goes again....boy...he's mad at that lumber!So I say "come on..let's go get it".And bold little fellow he is...goes right up to it, carefully, I might add!He crept up on it, slunk down low...because he knew that lumber was going to strike at any minute!Finally he deemed it harmless and we went on about our walk.And I had to praise him...." showed that lumber who was in charge didn't you!".."I know it won't mess with you ever again". Silly was so funny :LOL:...and you just never know what will set the little boogers off!


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Kona does the same thing if something is out of place or new on our walks. My neighbor put her patio furniture out on the lawn one day, and we were walking by, and Kona starts going berserk! I had to let her go up and inspect it before we could proceed on our walk! They are just too funny!!!


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Max sees a flag flapping in the wind, and he hides behind my legs LoL... But then he's going to see someone shoelace not tied, and he's going to go bananas. People actually think he's trying to get them so I have to explain the the shoe he's after LoL.


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My mom came for a visit and her car was parked in my drive. When Toni and I went to bed she did her usual "check" out the bedroom window and OMG she went beserk. There was a strange car in our driveway and she just knew it was going to get us. I had to take her out to sniff it before she would settle down and go to sleep. Then two nights later my mom and I went antiquing and I bought an old valet and put it in the bedroom. Needless to say the first night it ended up spending the night in the bathroom. The second night she was so tired from a play date with her new friend, Lily, that she only managed a couple of growls at it before she was snoring. they are so so funny. Wouldn't live another day without one.


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haha what a bunch of scaredies!! They other day we were walking there was a large white bucket on the sidewalk someone must have finished washing their car and left the bucket at the foot of the drive. Magoo did not want to go near the bucket he tried to pull me out in the street but still did not want to pass it. We stayed there a few minutes slowly creeping closer to it and eventually he got the gumption to peek inside it. All was clear and and after a little more sniffing we were alllowed to pass. Silly boxers!
During a particularly windy day last spring, our patio umbrella blew over onto our deck... well the fight was on!

First Daisy, barked, then charged and ran away in one fluid motion.
Eventually Daisy jumped on the unbrella giving a good shake, a gust of wind russelled the unbrella and Daisy ran for her life.

Finally, I could take no more, so I stood the unbrella back up away from the wind and all was well.

randy and Daisy


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Our neighboorhood has been attacked by bagged leaves. Since just before Halloween people have been bagging the leaves into the plastic decorative bags. Some witches some pumpkins etc....

On the first walk where Cami saw one of these she freaked out. I stood between her and the bag and she calmed down. I told her it was just a bag of leaves and nothing to fight with! She got some confidence and we walked into a yard so she could see the bag upclose. She smelled it, then decided that she needed to box it. She was woo-wooing and barking and just pretty much attacking this bag with her paws. Once the bag got tipped over and the leaves started coming out we left.....The next evening on the same route we come up to the "evil" bag again. She realizes that it is back to standing up and she must not have done enough harm to it so she attacks it all over again.......down it goes and so did we!

A few days later I see the guy who lives there outside carrying this bag to the curb. I tell him that my dog doesn't like his bag and has batteled it on a couple of occasions. He said that he wondered what kept happening to his bag as it was too heavy for the wind to blow over. We had a good laugh and he said that he wan't mad just curious as to what was happening to his bag.

The things they do!

Susi & Cami


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my kids made a scare crow out of old clothes stuffed with leaves and put it in the chair by the door. Ginger did not like that scary stranger at first and barked & barked at it. Last year it was the big lighted plastic snowman we had out for Christmas. Too funny

Maggie's Mommy

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I am a die-hard NASCAR/Tony Stewart fan and I have one of those standup, lifelike, cardboard cut outs of Tony in my basement. Anyway, at Halloween, I put a vampire cape on the cut out and stood it in a dark corner of my basement, with only a strobe light flashing behind it for lighting. My puppy, Zinser, snuck into the basement (thru a door that my son had forgotten to close) and he encountered Tony Stewart the vampire. Zinser was barking and carrying on like I had never heard before. I knew that he was in the basement by the echoing of his barks, so I ran down the steps to see if Zinser was caught on something or had been shut into one of the basement bedrooms. I got into the basement, and there Zinser was...front legs stretched out in front of him, butt up in the air, and woo-wooing/growling/barking at this "evil" vampire. After I turned on the lights in the basement, I took Zinser over to the cut out and showed him that the vampire wasn't going to bite his neck. You could almost hear Zinser say, "whew" when he realized it was just a big ol' piece of cardboard and not "real." Tony stands in the corner of my bar now that Halloween is over, and when Zinser is down in the basement with the family, he goes over to the cut out and gives it a woo-woo or two, as a reminder as to who the "boss" in the basement really is.
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