Arthritis/Torn ACL Glucosamine/Fish Oil dosages

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Hello BW :) I have a few questions and am so confused. Deisel is 7 years old, 70 pounds, and has arthritis in his back legs, hip dysplasia, and a partially torn ACL. His vet recommended surgery for the ACL but according to my research it's not usually the best course of action. I decided to try the natural approach and restrict his movement and hope it heals on its own. I began giving him supplements for the arthritis instead of the strong meds the vet suggested. The problem is, I can't figure out the proper dosages.

1-Glucosamine and Chondroitin with MSM: I'm using the GNC maximum strength caplets and have been giving a total of 1500 mg glucosamine, 1200 mg chondroitin, 900 mg MSM daily. Is this too much or too little?

2-Fish oil: I will be starting GNC triple strength fish oil softgels today which have 1500 mg of fish oil each, EPA 540 mg and DHA 360 mg. I have read that the normal dosage is 1000 mg of fish oil per 15 pounds of dog and 2000 mg per 15 pounds for an arthritic dog. Is this true? That would mean I have to give at least 6 of them daily which is 9000 mg which seems like a lot!! But if that's the correct dosage I will give it.

3-Vitamin E: I also read I have to give vitamin E but am unsure how much. The normal dosage seems to be 400 IU but if I have to give almost double the normal dosage of fish oil do I also have to double the vitamin E and give 800 IU?

4-If he is uncomfortable how often can I give him aspirin? What is the proper dosage? Can I give it long term or is it dangerous? What is the best kind to give? I have Bufferin which is tri-buffered.

Is there anything else I can do for his arthritis or torn ACL that I haven't mentioned? Sorry so long but I really want to help my boy. Thanks so much.


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We use sasha blend and 2x1000mg of salmon oil (not mixed with any other fish) to treat the arthritis. Also give my boxer tramadol if he is really uncomfortable. This is all recomanded by an Othro and Internal specialist in Oakville Ontario.
Just make sure if your boxer is in alot of pain, that you get some meds for him.


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I was told to never give a dog Bufferin. We use tramadol for atharitis pain too. Sable shares my prescription.


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Thank you I will look into the Sasha blend. I thought aspirin was okay to give. It seems there's so much conflicting information out there.


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Aspirin can be given, as long as it is buffered and not given with other NSAIDs or with steroids. If he is over 50lbs he could get 1 regular strength aspirin twice a day. Generally it's not given long-term and people will get a "veterinary product" for long-term usage, but on an as-needed basis it's fine. Sometimes aspirin just doesn't cut it though and isn't enough for pain relief. I had my dog on it for a while for her arthritis but really didn't see a difference - the being said, you're using other supplements as well to support the joints whereas I wasn't.

Sorry I don't know a whole lot about your other questions as they're supplements I don't use =/


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I have been using a product called Phycox (soft chewable nuggets) for my dog with knee problems with great results. I order it off Amazon and it is pretty reasonable. I have also used Glycoflex in the past with good results as well. Not sure if you want to go with a dog product, but I have been very happy with both. Good luck.


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Have you thought about trying cold laser therapy? My pup was 6months old when he was diagnosed with OCD in his left ankle. Specialists at MSU originally wanted to do surgery because he said it was the only way to repair it> I opted to try cold laser because it had worked for me and a local vet just started using cold laser about a year ago.
Needless to say, 4 months later the specialists can not believe how well he is doing. I did 3 months of 2x a week and a high quality glucos/chondro. Good Luck...


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If it helps, I just started giving my boxer "Dasuquin" and per the vet its 1 tab twice daily for 4 weeks, then 1 tablet once daily for life... Each tab contains 900 mg glucosamine, 350 mg chondroitin...


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Check with your vet before giving aspirin. In the wrong doses it can make things worse: stomach bleeding and other issues.
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