Are Boxers Bullies?

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I still don't have a boxer, but want very much to get one. I have one female labrador pup (6 months old) but have been told that Boxers bully any dog that is smaller than them. I plan to get at least one more puppy after the boxer grows up a bit so i'm afraid to take a Boxer fearing that they will all just not get along. my Lab is the gentlest dog alive. can you guys please tell me from experience about Boxers and smaller dogs? I'm in India and thought that it could be that the breeding here was not careful enough on the temperament maybe? because from what I read on here Boxers are extremely good and friendly. Please advice! :)


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Never heard that

Boxers have their own style of playing, that may be interpretted by people as bullying. They tend to jump and use their front paws a lot. The boxers I have and have met are usually extremely eager to play with other dogs.

My Bailey will approach a dog at the park to play. If the other dog walks away or acts uninterested, Bailey just continues to follow it around and try to entice some play. She just doesn't know when to give up. I guess that may be seen as being a bully.

P.S. One of Bailey's favorite playmates if our friends' lab, who is about the same age as Bailey. :)


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are boxers bullies

I wouldn't call boxers bullies, they just have a different style of play than alot of dogs, hence the way they were named (boxer). a well bred/raised boxer will get along with anything! I raise boxer's and know this to be true! we also have 4 cats, a small chihuahua who runs the house. and everyone of my 7 boxer's respect the little ones. Your Lab might not enjoy the fun loving attitude of a boxer puppy, as they love to play! but if your careful to respect your labs need for timeouts all should be fine, If I understood you to say you would then be adding another dog/pup after the boxer grows up abit, I am sure it would be another boxer as they are addictive! hope this helps, and be sure to buy from a reputable breeder who can show you relatives from that line, if you are worried about temperment!! Cindy


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Thanks Linda and Cindy, now I REALLY just can't wait to get one! :) My Lab loves playing in any way (biting puppies don't scare her she just LOVES having the company and playmate), I was only afraid of REAL biting that I was warned about. What I also thought is that those Boxers I've been told about may have lived outside and treated (or ill-treated may I say) as guard dogs and that could also be the reason why they would bully other dogs. anyway I would only keep my dogs inside. Thanks! :)

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The majority of Oscar's playmates have been smaller than him. His latest playmates are a 13-week-old German Shorthair, an 8-month-old Beagle, a 1 1/2-year-old Beagle and a 9-month-old Lab (who is suffering from severe hip dysplasia). With Ashley, the lab, Oscar seems to know she can't run as fast as he and slows his pace for her. He's also more gentle in his play with her and they've become the best of buds. I have to say everytime I watch him play with a new buddy, I simply melt when I see him *adapt* his play to his new friends. To watch him with Ashley (the lab) made me so proud of him. lovicon

Boxers can be a bit *overwhelming* with some dogs, but I've found that Oscar will play nicely with all the doggie friends his has had so far. The true key here will be properly socializing your new pup with other dogs as early and as often as possible. As is often suggested here at Boxer World, pick up a copy of the Culture Clash--it's a wealth of information.

Good luck and send us a pic when you get your new Boxer pup! ;)
A lot depends on your dogs personality. Bru is pretty dominant and can be percieved as a bit of a bully. Amaya is very submissive thought and usually gets bullied :) I have been Amaya roll over to show submission to puppies :LOL: She is definately not what I consider a bully.


I have a boxer and a sheltie. They get along great, Loke can be over playful for COrgan but he just tells her to quit or walks away. I have never had Loke try to bully any dog, she loves them all!

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Casper loves little dogs! He can't get enough of them, he is so gentle with puppies and little dogs. He is also very good with our cat.

When he plays with another dog, he usually always gets along, the only time we have a problem is if another dog starts to growl or gets too rough - then Casper will usually suprise the other dog by going from the easy going feller to the dog that won't go away and won't stop fighting back until the instigator is lieing on his back with my dog standing on top of him.

I notice that he tends to rumble with bulldogs, and pit types mostly. He'll also wind up getting into it with unfixed males if one starts in at a park - but he's fixed, I think it is just that the unfixed ones tend to start trouble more often.

Every individual dog is different, if a puppy is well socialized I wouldn't worry about the boxer breed when it comes to play. You could also adopt a boxer that is already grown so you could tell how it gets along with other dogs and smaller dogs.

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I just wanted to add a note about using their teeth while playing. CJ is 5 months old and all his adult teeth have come in, although they are not quite full size yet. One of his playmates is a Husky mix that's two weeks younger than him. They are both considered "rough" players, but CJ is the only one who ends up with scratch and bite scars/marks, not the other dog. Partly because he has less fur, and partly because the other dogs teeth are much sharper and I think is using them MUCH more! What CJ likes to do is put his front paws up over other dogs' necks and back. If the dog is small enough he will knock them down and stand over them. (This behavior is discouraged and he is doing it less and less.) But I have not seen or heard of him doing any biting, at least not anything too aggressive. Knocking dogs down and standing over them is considered aggressive behavior by some dog trainers, at least it is at his daycare. This may be what they were talking about. You probably will have to teach your Boxer not to do it, but it's just a matter of training since they're only playing.
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