Approved Boxer Rescue groups

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Approved Boxer Rescues:

Below is a list of those Boxer Rescue groups approved to post about their rescue and dogs for adoption on Boxerworld, and the members authorised to post on behalf of those groups. All boxer rescues approved to post on Boxerworld are not-for-profit groups.

If a boxer rescue group is not on the approved list, do not post about it on this site. Only approved rescue groups with not-for-profit status and participating members on BW can mention their rescue group/site on the board.

If you think your rescue group fits these conditions, and would like to have it added to the approved list, go to Contact Boxerworld

Please note:

Approval will only be given to groups with not-for-profit status and with participating members on Boxerworld.

Approval to post about a rescue and dogs for adoption does not constitute approval to post about fundraisers on Boxerworld. We work hard to keep this site free of solicitations and approval to post about fundraisers will only be given on a case-by-case basis. Any fundraisers that are approved must be posted in the rescue forums only, never on the rest of the site.

Rescue groups should also take care with those members they authorise to post on their behalf, and ensure that they respect the site rules. Boxerworld considers those persons as the rescue group's representatives and if there is cause to ban a member, any group they represent will be banned along with the member. Rescue groups should thus ensure that their representative list is kept up to date.

Approved Boxer Rescues:

Adopt a Boxer Rescue (Valantar, djheitz)
Almost Home Boxer Rescue (lorishields)
Bay Area Boxer Rescue (BABR)
Boxer Buddies Rescue & Adoption Inc (Adelle)
Boxer Luv Rescue of Central and Northern Arizona (rog1006, VALinAZ)
Boxers R Us NZ (Diane)
Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc (Aimee)
Boxer Rescue Canada (CC)
Boxer Rescue Fund Los Angeles (Donna741)
Boxer Rescue Ontario (newark)
Cedar Valley Rescue (Brutus and Amaya's Mom)
Central Iowa Boxer Rescue (Brutus and Amaya's Mom, jazzzman)
Florida Boxer Rescue (adeinert, lettilooney)
Green Acres Boxer Rescue of WI (Claudia807, Brenda & Boxers)
Mid Michigan Boxer Rescue (MMBR, ssgtmrs)
Mo-Kan Boxer Rescue (Sabrina Jay, Liz Phillips, bobsmom)
MWBR (Sabrina Jay)
NCBR (ncrt, LLANGE1852)
NCBRT (kimmer0223)
New Jersey Boxer Rescue Brynn1508 (added July 22, 2006)
Rockin' P Rescue (avts1977)
Sachi Animal Rescue (MomtoMaggie, added March 31, 2014)
Without Borders Boxer Rescue (totallyhip)
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