Anyone else building a house?

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I've finally decided to buy a house (building new). I'm tired of the irresponsible landlords, 20 year-old appliances that break every other week, and the steady decline of my current neighborhood.

I'll be building one block away from an elementary school, but I decided to pick a lot that doesn't back up to the school. I don't want kids running back and forth antagonizing Boomer if he's out for a little sun in the afternoon.

If all goes well, Boomer, Jacques and I will be in by 15 June.

Scott & Boomer


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Sounds great to have a house exactly the way you want it, instead of working around someone else's dreams. I've never had a house built but I can share some friends' experiences. The worst part is carpenters, plumbers, electricians that start a job and never return, cause they are too busy on jobs they started before. One friend actually got hauled into jail cause the neighbors complained that the house was taking way too long to finish and was a danger to neighborhood kids. He served 30 days - the judge had him before several times (same building complaint) and figured our friend just wasn't taking it seriously (even though he was). Our friend just couldn't get anybody to take on someone else's job. That is very unusual though. For most people the job just takes a lot longer than planned. Other friends had a penthouse built and they had to chose every detail - from door moldings, door knobs, hinges on kitchen cabinets, style of doors, every little thing. In both cases the finished projects are gorgeous and were well worth the wait in the long run. Good luck...


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Good for you. I wish you the best of luck.

Greg and I are *trying* to build a house. We were suppose to sign the contract last week, but we still have a few details to iron out and clarify first. If we ever get started, we'll compare notes and progress along the way.

I know you are excited. Good luck!!


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I am!!!!

My fiance and I are having a house built! We decided to have the house rather than having a huge wedding. Sooooo we have been visiting the site every week and just Friday they poured the concrete slab. Talk about exciting!!!!! I'm hoping the next time we go see it, they will have some of the frame done--if not all of it.
We took Ty with us to look at his new backyard and because ours is the only house within about 1/2 mile being built, we let him run around on the soft dirt on the area next to our lot (after checking for nails, etc. first!!) and he had soooo much fun. He was running like a crazy man, smelling everything and peeing on every stitch of weeds or grass around. THEN a HUGE flat piece of styrofoam started blowing around and he had to investigate it. He was on a mission trying to kill the "big white thing", UNTIL the wind changed and it hit him on the butt! We just died laughing as he tucked his hind end and butt-scooted about 200 yards to hide behind me--ears flapping and he kept turning around to see if it was following We hadn't laughed that hard in so long!! :LOL: I'm bringing the digital camera next time so I can post some pics of Ty and Molly in their new house! (even if it is only concrete! lol)



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we have been in our new home for about 9 months now!! it is very exciting but stay on top of the builder and go visit the project everyday!!!! and as bad as it a pain in the butt!!! trust me, you will be thankful you were in the long run.....and just because something isnt listed as an option or isnt shown on the plan doesnt mean they cant do it....but sometimes you have to ask...they have a tendency not to offer the information and after your in and you talk to your neighbors who have something you thought you couldnt get, you will wish you had been a pain n the butt during the process!!! also check with the county or township you are moving to and see what future plans they have for your neighborhood if might have woods now and a super highway in your backyard next year.....

good luck to all with your new homes.....


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That's so exciting - were you able to design it yourself too?

Self-build isn't all that popular in the UK - some do it but not many. Our house was brand new when we bought it, but it was to a specific design etc. All we got to choose was the kitchen units, bathroom tiles and floor tiles and carpets - not the style or layout.

Good luck


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My husband and I just built a house last year. I took on the job as general contractor, and whew what a job! Building a house is by far the most challenging thing I've ever taken on! Of course, it's also the most rewarding!

It's all so very exciting when you get to pick everything out and know it will all be exactly how you want it! But sometimes it gets fustrating and tiring - just never loose sight of your intended goal - the day you are in and all settled.

If you want to see pictures of the progress of my house to a finished product you can check out my photo album at

I'm very proud of my house. Oh, another piece of advice - it never stops. Once you get your house, there's always things to do - we've been in our place a year, and we still have no landscaping done, our walls are still all just painted white, we're half done finishing the basement, but that's only half. THere's always something to do when you own your own place! You'll never be bored!

Good luck with your task, and keep us posted on how it goes!!!


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Originally posted by Rowdy's Dad
Does this mean that you aren't moving to Dallas, or is the new house in Dallas? Just curious.

No the house is not in Dallas. I'm building in Schertz, not far from Randolph AFB on the northeast side of San Antonio. Work has been getting busier, so I don't see myself moving to Dallas for the next several years....That's not to say that I still don't want to move up there.

I picked the most popular floorplan and elevation of the house. Luckily, the builder won't build the same elevation/floorplan within three houses (across the street, and on either side). It's a 3 bdrm/2 bath with a 15' x 15' covered patio in back and 2 car garage. I'm due for a pre-construction briefing next Tuesday, and the forms for the foundation will follow in a day or two.

Will keep everyone updated with the progress.

Scott, Boomer & Jacques


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Sounds great congrats on your new home fiestaicon Hope theres a big fenced in back yard coming with it :LOL:

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