Any Horse Owners????

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Originally posted by Snork

Boxers often remind me of horses - more so than any other breed of dog.


That is exactly what I thought! Their physics, how they run. I can clearly see walk, trot, canter here. mybe even something in their personality is similar to horses.

Debbie Magon

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I have a mini horse, does she count? ;)
Shes a Tobiano Pinto and is in foal and due next month.

We have sold off all our sheep to make way for my next breeding adventure , Camino Mini Stud. :D

Very soon we hope to be adding more than just the new foal. :)
Lilly, my mama boxer adores Ginny and use to spend a lot of time with her.
If I time it right, I may be able to get pics of boxer puppies and a tiny mini foal together!
Now theres a "chocolate box" cover! lovicon


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Originally posted by miladka
I can clearly see walk, trot, canter here. mybe even something in their personality is similar to horses.

I can absolutely see w-t-c in there. What's more, I am describing him to my vet in terms such as "he's off in the left hind at trot - not really lame, but short on that side, and the trot is uneven. At canter, he carries the haunches out on the right lead, and cross canters on the left lead" :D

The vet tech was confused, fortunately my vet is a horse person.


P.S. Debbie - mini stud? MUAHAHAHAHAHA Have you ever had one of those? They are beyond words funny. I've dealt with several minis, including a stud - he truly believed that any of the "real horse" mares that came in heat on the farm, came in heat because of him - my goodness, the racket he could make to "let us all know."


I've added a mini horse since my first post. He is a yearling stud, just waiting to be gelded after he drops. You are so right, he thinks my QH mare is his girlfriend. :rolleyes: He barely comes up to her hocks, but considers himself a manly man. :LOL: He is a bay color with two white socks. Both horses are curious about my Boxer, but I'm scared someone will get hurt if I try to introduce them. Boru seems only mildly interested in them.


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I LOOOOOVE horses! We have two. One 16 mo. old TWH/Standerbred cross named Montana Sunshine aka Montana and a 2 1/2 yr. old TWH/Morgan/QH cross named Stormy. Montana is my sisters and Stormy is my baby!! He is so sweet and very smart!!



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Ahhhh, boxers and horses and boxerworld and the saddle-up forums are where i hang out!!!

Boxers and horses..their sleek muscular bodies and fur always make me think they are one and the same.

Sadie'smomma... are you in PV? THere's the hitching post at McDonalds! I wish i lived there.

We should have a permanent Boxer and Horses thread on here!

Super Boo

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I also agree about the permanent thread. Having a boxer is one thing, but having a boxer around horses is a WHOLE different subject. It's like having a 2 year old running around getting into trouble.smashicon


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About 3 weeks ago i took Lily to the barn where i have my lessons to see the horses. My instructor has a French Bulldog named Dirty and said anyone with dogs bring them!

Lily looked a bit in awe and a little scared at first. Just kept staring at the horses. It was really sweet. She just loves other animals.

Unfortunately i had to take her to the car (dont worry, the roof comes off) because the staff told me the little kids were scared of Lily. Ugh. (personally i think it was a parent) Same parents that allow their kids to run and shreik behind the horses. I don't even wanna go there.........

Laura McNamara

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Doc loves to be around my horse, they always rub noses when the first see each other. Just to check each other out, it is so cute. I am so glad they get along, I woundn't want my babies fight.
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