Another Brodie Update -- sick again

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Hello All --

Last time I wrote Brodie was on the mend and doing better. Well . . . Brodie got sick again for the third time starting last Thursday - as soon as he was off the medication from his last episoide.

For those of you who don't remember my little Brodie has been sick for 3 months. This has been so sad - he is in so much pain. He doesn't want to move, when he stands he is all hunched over, he's lethargic, stiff and running a fever of 106!! He can't get himself to stand up with out help or he crys in pain.

Each of the previous episodes the doctor has treated him for something else -- HOD, Rocky Mtn Fever, Septecimia (spelling). They could never diagnosis him and just threw different things at him. Which seemed to help.

This time I wanted a diagnosis so I drove 3-1/2 hours to the Univ of Tenn at knoxville and had him admitted for 2 days. We finally have a diagnosis


Since this is an auto immune disease it is not contagious and if caught it is not life threatening. What a saga!!

I just drove home today and started him on the steroid medication. Just a slight improvement. We will need to stay on the medication for 6 months and run another spinal fuild tap to check the results.

If anyone needs more info or specifics just e-mail me. I hear this a a rare disease that happens to be common in Boxers and in Bernise Mountain Dogs.

I hope this time when I say we are on the mend we will not have another relapse. We should see in about 5 weeks.

Thanks for all your prayers/encouraging words over the months - it has helped.


Ohhh, I'm so sorry for poor Brodie's pain and illness!!
You must be so worried and exhausted from all you've both been through. I hope and pray that you've finally found the answer to Brodie's problems and he will be on the mend very soon. We will keep you in our prayers and please give Brodie many hugs and kisses for us. Please let us know how he's doing. Take care and God Bless!!

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Hugs and kisses to poor Brodie. I sure hope he is feeling better soon. It must be a relief to finally know what the problem is.

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Poor Brodie
We are thinking of him. It is good you have found out the cause. Take care.

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Poor Brodie - lots of hugs for him. At least it helps to know what is wrong and that he's getting the right treatment. Hang in there, it's so tough to see them suffering - you wish they could speak and tell you how they feel.


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Thank goodness you have finally found the cause of Brodie's recurring illness. Isn't it great to have a veterinary hospital near by? It does, however, make you wonder why your vet can't find the problem...please continue to take care of your little precious. Indy, Beauty and I will keep you and your family and especially Brodie in our thoughts and prayers.

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Poor Brodie. Zeus sends Boxer slobbers and wiggles his way. I am glad that you have found out what has been causing him all of this discomfort. We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.

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Poor baby!!
At least you know what is the cause now. I will say a little prayer for your baby. Please keep us updated.


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All the best for Brodie..hope he gets better real soon...lots of hugs for him!!!!

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